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You can usually find me adding books to my never-ending “to read” list; challenging myself to do things like not shop for a year; sneaking crispy m+ms from my secret hiding spot so I don’t have to share them with my daughter; and melting over seeing my children smiling at each other.

I share all things personal, business, tips, and life as a mom and business owner here on the blog!

I'm Linda!

hi friend!

i'm a mama of two, a razzleberry peace tea hoarder, and a photographer

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I met Emily, Shawn and their daughter Annie shortly after I moved back to Portland. They were relatively new transplants from Texas, and I was quickly drawn to them. I also found out relatively quickly that Annie and Lily share the same birthday! Two years apart though, haha, but still pretty cool. Emily and I […]

East End Family Photos

When I walked into Sam and Mike’s home for the first time, I could see the signs of new life. I could feel the atmosphere was one of still wonder and awe over what they’d done. They are naturals at being parents, and this sweet little babe is so incredibly loved! Even at three weeks […]

Baby Patrick

He stood up at the head table with a microphone, and after he made everyone laugh, he shared words that brought a LOT of people to tears. Alexander thanked his grandparents for how they shaped his childhood. He thanked his parents for what they instilled in him growing up. Alexander thanked Amelia’s parents for raising […]

Woodlands Club Wedding // Amelia + Alexander

Maya and Adam are probably two of my most favorite humans. And based on the sentiments from the toasts at their Barn at Gibbet Hill wedding, a LOT of people feel that way about them. Maya and Adam just radiate around each other. It’s so clear how much they love each other with respect, passion, […]

The Barn at Gibbet Hill Wedding // Maya + Adam

It’s wild to stop and think about how long I’ve known Jess, and therefore, how long I’ve photographed her and her sweet children! I remember when Izzy was just a little baby and Ian was this cute little guy. Now they’re both so grown up! We decided to go to the Audubon for their family […]

Audubon Family Session

The Why Not long before Steven and I separated, I read my grandfather’s story. It’s a huge binder that my Gram created (one for herself and one for him) that went over his life story. In that binder I read about how they would travel together as a family all across the country when my […]

Disney with Lily

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