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Welcome to the Linda Barry Photography Blog

You can usually find me adding books to my never-ending “to read” list; challenging myself to do things like not shop for a year; sneaking crispy m+ms from my secret hiding spot so I don’t have to share them with my daughter; and melting over seeing my children smiling at each other.

I share all things personal, business, tips, and life as a mom and business owner here on the blog!

I'm Linda!

hi friend!

i'm a mama of two, a razzleberry peace tea hoarder, and a photographer

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The last time I saw Erica and Shawn, I was pregnant with Lily and they were wearing their wedding attire! I was SO excited to see Shawn’s email pop up in my inbox asking about surprising Erica with maternity photos! This was actually my first session back since having James and we had a blast. […]

Ocean Park Maternity Session

The days all melt together. It’s wild. We’re in a pretty good rhythm these days, and seeing the way Lily loves James and all the amazing ways she LOVES to help with him (I’ve never seen someone soooo excited to help with diaper changes before!) just melts my heart. It also really makes me appreciate […]

James’ Second Month

It would’ve been so easy for me to write this project off. When life imploded in February, I thought about not continuing, but I decided to push forward. The last time I did this project, ten years ago, was the year I met and married Steven. Who knew that when I started this project for […]

December Photo of the Day

Between recovering from labor and delivery, and adjusting to life as a mom of two littles, November was an absolute whirlwind. Most days I only took out my camera to take the one photo of the day, but I’m glad I did anyway. It’s such a sweet reminder of this season of life! I missed […]

November Photo of the Day

As I type this, James is six weeks old now. SIX weeks! How is that even possible? For time to feel like it’s simultaneously crawling and flying by? I’ve realized that now I’m a mama of two, that these monthly posts are going to look a little bit different. Instead of just commenting on the […]

James’ First Month

As I sit here writing this, I have a sweet little boy sleeping next to me (who just turned one month old! 🙁 ) and my sweet little girl reading to herself in her bedroom for naptime. So, I’m giving myself a big helping of grace about the fact that I did not take a […]

October Photo of the Day

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