What I learned from Jasmine Star | A lesson in Grace.

I didn’t even realize how many pages of notes I had filled up until I started to transfer them over into my new notebook. I watched Jasmine Star every week day on Creative Live, for 30 days. Sometimes I even re-watched them on the weekends. The lessons she provided were so incredible, so detailed, and just so helpful. She bared her business to the world, and in the process she has continued to help HUNDREDS of photographers chase their dreams and be successful. Jasmine Star was as real as you could get during these 30 days, and there’s not many who would do that for the greater good.


I learned SO much during these 30 days. I made a commitment each and every day to spend 30-90 minutes watching and learning. When it was all over, looking back at all the notes I took, it was insane how much FREE information she shared with us. I learned about shooting couples, managing expectations, social media marketing, defining success for me, how to shoot weddings, and beyond.


One of the BIGGEST lessons I learned from this course was to treat yourself with grace. We are going to make mistakes. We are going to struggle. We are going to doubt ourselves, criticize our work, be frustrated with various situations, and we are going to want to quit. She taught me that we need to learn to treat ourselves with grace, because we deserve it.

If you’re out there hustling, and working hard to make your dream a reality – you NEED to treat yourself with grace, because let’s face it, we WILL screw up. We WILL make mistakes. We WILL end up in uncomfortable situations. What is important is how we handle these situations, and how we treat ourselves. I recently shot a wedding, and I was SO hard on myself afterwards about all the ways I should’ve done the ceremony photos. I beat myself up over it for a solid 24 hours. Then I remembered how many times Jasmine Star told the audience to treat themselves with grace, and to acknowledge it, and move on. It was incredible, my entire perspective on this wedding shifted after I told myself I did the best I could, and I stand by these photos. Looking back now, I did a damn good job, and my couple is thrilled with their photos. That’s all that matters!

It wasn’t long ago that I was creating a facebook page and wondering what people were going to think of me. If they thought I was a fake, some poser, someone who wasn’t good enough. Now, I only care about what my couples think of me, and what I think of me. I am learning to treat myself with grace, and you should too.


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  1. Jasmine Star says:

    LOVE this!! Really.

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