Role Models Still Exist

amanda hedgepeth

Life can be really hard. And it can be lonely sometimes. But if you look around you, you’ll always find a shining light. As a business owner, sometimes I just want to throw in the towel and think, “why does this matter? why is it worth it?” When I have these moments, I turn to these shining lights and I realize that role models still exist.

One of my biggest role models is Amanda Hedgepeth. For years I have followed her work and her blog. Last year, Steven and I drove down to North Carolina so I could meet her and have a mentoring session + a couples photos session with her. She treated me (and Steven) like a friend, instead of some people who just drove down from Maine for her time. I remember when we walked into the Front Porch Cafe, she literally gasped and got SO excited to see us and hugged us right away. To this day when I send her e-mails or comment on her social media, she still treats me like an equal and a friend, and has that same excitement. I have gotten so much out of my time with Amanda, that sometimes I feel selfish because I know I can’t always give the same back.

She’s a role model for me on so many levels.

  • She’s an incredible photographer.
  • She inspires me to really LOVE on my clients.
  • Amanda is literally as real as it gets. She shares her heart and soul in everything she does and she really is that cheerful in real life! It’s encouraging me to continue to not sweat the small stuff, enjoy my idea of a simple life, and just be happy because it’s better than getting caught up in drama and things that don’t really matter.
  • She’s a killer business owner.
  • She’s an awesome mama to three, WHILE running a full time business and taking care of herself!
  • She gives me hope in my journey to finding faith, because she’s shared her own journey along the way.
  • I’m going full time in the fall to be a stay at home mom and run my business and I have confidence because of how she has encouraged me.
  • Amanda is a major industry supporter and encourager and that is just so incredible in a time where there’s so much competition and negativity!

I love checking her blog and Instagram on the daily because I truly enjoy seeing her life with her little girls and her husband. It’s refreshing to see how real she is and how real her blog posts are. She’s also an invaluable resource for mamas who are running their own businesses.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, you should always be the best you can be, because you never know who’s watching you. You never know who sees you as a role model!


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amanda hedgepeth

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