Happy Birthday Steven | 25 Things


Today, you are a quarter of a century old. I expect that tomorrow morning you will wake up with an entirely gray head of hair.

I am so thankful for your existence, and I’m so proud to be your wife. Since you are now 25 years old, I decided to share 25 things about you and our life together that make me smile.


  1. I love your belief in simple, but grand gestures that have meaning. Like the time you tried to take 295 to Auburn to bring me a lunch, only to realize you can’t get to Auburn from 295. I’ll never forget how cute and adorable that was 🙂
  2. Those incredible eyes. Gosh. I sincerely hope that our kids will have your eyes, and your hair! Gah, my heart will just melt if we have a little Lindy running around with curly hair and beautiful eyes like yours.
  3. I love that laugh of yours. It always makes me laugh.
  4. The patience you have with me when I am tired and “loony”  is incredible, and I’m so grateful that we can laugh about it together!
  5. How you will always let me try new camera things on you.
  6. I also love that you love to learn about photography and you are just so cute to watch when you are taking photos.
  7. The support you have for me to follow all of my dreams is astounding and still surprises me.
  8. Thank you for always cooking when I ask you to.
  9. And for helping me with the dishes or cleaning.
  10. You’re just the best.
  11. You typically accept it when I say “Happy wife, happy life.”
  12. Thanks for carrying me to bed when I fall asleep on the couch.
  13. I love when we talk about our future.
  14. I love that we have similar desires for what we want our life to be like.
  15. Dreaming about our 16x16x16 house is one my favorite things to do with you.
  16. Remember that time you made a strip for each day that we had been talking to each other, and you wrote down things you loved about me and things that you loved doing with me, and things you were looking forward to with me? I love that you do things like that. It makes for awesome scrapbook pages.
  17. You work just as hard as I do sometimes to complete things on my “to-do” list.
  18. The fact that you try to fix and build everything yourself is awesome, and it (sometimes) saves us a lot of money!
  19. I think you’re a super sexy rock climber.
  20. I love that you can do pull-ups. You’re so strong!
  21. You’ll do a lot to help the people around you. Like the time you drove to New York and back in one day because a friend’s flight was cancelled.
  22. Your desire to be debt-free really motivates me to do everything I can to help us get there.
  23. You teach me new things all the time. Sometimes I get frustrated with your timing of teaching me some things, but I always love it when you teach me something new.
  24. You really value relationships, and I love that about you.
  25. Lastly, I love that you are MY husband.


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