Fuji Instax Mini 90

Almost two years ago, Steven and I went on our first cross-country road trip. We travel a lot, especially each year for our anniversary trip, but in 2015 we finally made a 16 day trek across the United States, and it was awesome!

For all the big international trips I’ve taken in my life, I’ve kept really detailed travel journals, but I never did that with the trips Steven and I take annually. It was after our DC trip that I realized this was a mistake! I missed out on so many memories because I didn’t write them down!

fuji instax mini 90 by Linda Barry Photography

It was during this road trip that I decided I’d start to keep a travel journal for our trips together! Man, am I so glad I did! This was the perfect trip to start one! Steven helped me name it, and I love it 🙂 One thing I decided to buy before the trip was a Fuji Instax Mini 90. It’s a mini polaroid type camera and it’s the best thing since sliced bread. fuji instax mini 90 by Linda Barry Photography

Let me just make something clear first! You don’t buy this camera for the quality. It’s such a fun thing to be able to snap a photo and see it develop instantly! I have it for the memories it can help you remember!

It was a little pricy ($140) at the time I got it, but it was so worth it! Throughout our road trip I snapped photos of us, and so many photos of the things we did and saw! They helped visualize what I was writing about! It’s perfect! We also saw a lot of friends on this trip, and at each stop we tried to get a photo of the friends we were with and the best part is we could take TWO! We kept one for the journal and then we gave the other one to our friends! fuji instax mini 90 by Linda Barry Photography

Now that we have Lily, I’ve been keeping a little journal for her. I don’t write in it very often. Maybe once a month or so. But, every time I’ll tape in photos that I’ve taken of her with the Instax. This way as she gets older she can look at little photos of her as she grew up!

I’ve also seen this used at weddings in lieu of a guestbook! Guests snap a photo of themselves, tape it into a scrapbook and leave a little message!

I love this little camera. It’s been so fun to have and I love how perfect it is for me and my journals!

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fuji instax mini 90 by Linda Barry Photography

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