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I know it’s kind of trendy to be blogging about non-toxic products, but this is something that I truly feel passionate about. Years ago, Steven and I started making the effort to cut out processed foods and the like from our diets so that we could just start to feel better, and we’ve never looked back. Once we started to struggle with infertility, I began to over-analyze EVERYthing. I was so obsessed with what was in our environment and trying to do everything I possibly could to eliminate any toxins, because I wanted to know that I had done everything I possibly could to help our slim chances of getting pregnant. This led me to take a good look at the things we were using in our home (and gosh, did we realize sooo many products we had been using were “green-washed”!). If you’re curious about the products in your home, I recommend the Think Dirty app! It’s a great resource that tells you about the different ingredients in your products and can help you make decisions about what to buy!

Over the past six months, I’ve started to take it super seriously and I’ve been swapping out one “beauty” product at a time as I run out with a non-toxic alternative! I don’t actually use much at all in terms of beauty products, so it’s a short list! So, I wanted to share my favorite products I’ve been loving lately!

  1. Puracy hand soap + body wash // First of all, it has a seahorse on the bottle. That right there was enough to sell me! I love the ocean, and dolphins and seahorses are my favorite ocean animals! But, I did a ton of research and read A LOT of the reviews and there were so many positive things that people had to say about this company! I started with the body wash, and fell in love! It has a light and subtle scent, and it actually leaves my skin feeling really nice instead of feeling like I need to immediately put lotion on! Then I switched over to their hand soap as well and I just love everything about it! I’m excited to try their shampoo and conditioner next! (I once did no shampoo for an entire year, but now I’m back to using shampoo and conditioner once every 1-2 weeks)
  2. Primally Pure charcoal deodorant + body butter // I used to get body butter that was made locally, but then they stopped making their body butter so it was time to find a new one! This one, although double what I used to spend on body butter, also had rave reviews! I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I’m obsessed with it! I love that you can literally eat it and you’d be safe! Lily also enjoys using the body butter in small amounts as well! A little bit goes a really long way 🙂 The charcoal deodorant I haven’t used much yet, but so far so good!
  3. Native deodorant // This was one of the first changes I made and I am LOVING this deodorant. I feel like it’s relatively inexpensive and it smells soooo good! I love it!!
  4. Homemade house cleaner // I’ve been doing this for a while, and so I figured it’d be nice to share what I do! I use an empty Mrs. Meyer’s spray bottle, and I mix 1/4 cup vinegar with 3/4 cup water, some lemon juice (if I have it on hand) and some peppermint essential oil. Then I fill the bottle up the rest of the way with water. I love having this cleaner because I know if Lily ever drank it, she wouldn’t die, haha! Plus, this is super duper cheap to make and takes less than two minutes to make!

What are some of your favorite non toxic products to try out?!




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top five non-toxic products to use in your home!

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