What Success Looks Like

If you look up the definition of success, you’ll find “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” But here’s the thing about success – it is different for everyone! To take that even further, success can evolve and change for everyone. What success looked like to me two years ago is a lot different than it looks to me now.

Defining Success by Linda Barry Photography

In a world where we try to keep up with everyone else, I think it’s really important to define what success looks like to YOU. Not to everyone else. Being able to define that for yourself is so crucial, because I think we strive for success as human beings. But what if you haven’t figured out what success is to you? How do you know if you’re working toward the right thing?

I’ve been thinking about success a lot lately, because I’m in a very different place now than I was even just a year ago.

Success to me:

  • It’s waking up each morning with my daughter and seeing her smile.
  • It’s being able to be a part of such a special day for so many couples, and capture those memories forever.
  • It’s having food in the fridge and keeping a roof over our head.
  • It’s being able to read books.
  • It’s having scrapbooks to look through and re-live so many amazing moments in my life.
  • It’s snuggling with my husband on the couch while we watch NCIS.
  • It’s choosing to sub whenever I want, just to make a little extra money for my family.
  • It’s watching my business grow.
  • It’s dinners and laughter with friends.
  • It’s being able to safely go for walks in my neighborhood.
  • It’s sitting on the beach talking about life.

You see, I’ve come to realize that success (to me) has nothing to do with fame or money. It has EVERYTHING to do with moments. It’s so easy to scroll through instagram and see these picture perfect photos of someone else’s life and think that what they have is amazing and that they’re so successful. But does it match your definition of success? Or just what you think success should look like?

Take a moment or two, and just think about what success is to you. I bet if you really sit and think about it, you’ll find that you’re already a success on so many levels 🙂

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Defining Success by Linda Barry Photography

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