Tips for Shooting Weddings While Pregnant

I have one more wedding this week before I go on maternity leave and welcome our baby into this world! My first wedding of the season I was 27 weeks along, and at my final wedding before the break, I’ll be shooting at 38 weeks along. It definitely hasn’t always been easy to shoot a full day being this pregnant, especially in some of the crazy heat we’ve had, but I’ve made it and I’m SO proud of myself for being able to do it!

Photographing weddings while pregnant

Today I figured I’d share some tips that really made a huge difference in my stamina for the day and how I felt the morning after!

  1. Eat a meal as close to your arrival time as possible.

    For me, eating an actual lunch instead of a snack within the hour before I was set to arrive at a wedding made a huge difference. I started the day with a full belly and plenty of energy.

  2. Stay hydrated + eat snacks.

    I would be sure to drink at least a full glass or two of water with my meal, and then I bring two full water bottles with me during the day as I shoot. If there are a few minutes of downtime or transition I’ll also take a few bites of a granola bar so that I don’t ever get to the point of being super hungry!

  3. Wear comfy shoes.

    I swear by my yoga mat sanuk sandals! They’re seriously so comfortable and have definitely helped to keep me on my feet during these 6 weddings!

  4. Bring a change of comfy clothes.

    I always wear a dress to a wedding with shorts on underneath. However, when I started to bring an extra large t-shirt and pajama shorts to change into post wedding, it made the drive home SO much better! I also brought a change of shoes because by the end of the night my feet would be swollen and need some breathing room!

  5. Keep moving.

    I had to make a conscious effort, especially when it was REALLY hot to not lock my knees and always keep moving ever so slightly so that I wouldn’t accidentally lock my knees and make myself prone to getting lightheaded!

  6. Be sure to take a break and sit when you can.

    My brides have been so sweet and gracious and always asked me how I was doing and if I needed a break. I sat down during dinner to eat, but I would also sit for a few minutes here and there throughout the day and that also really helped!

  7. Lastly, listen to your body.

    Don’t push yourself to the extreme and rely on your second shooter when you need to take a step back! My second shooters have been absolutely amazing and so helpful while I’ve been pregnant!

Also, as a bonus tip, staying active during my pregnancy has also made a huge difference in helping me to get through a wedding day! 🙂

Photographing weddings while pregnantPhotographing weddings while pregnant



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Photographing weddings while pregnant

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