The Story of Us: Part Three

As a wedding photographer, I love love stories. I love to hear about them and the excitement of it all. So often I’m asked about me and Steven and our story (it was quite the fast whirlwind!), so here I am, sharing our story from the moment I actually noticed him, to when we said “I do!”

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It was late at night and I was feeling super uncomfortable. I really don’t like texting people I don’t know, and especially if it’s not to actually talk to THEM. I was working a closing shift, as usual, and in between cleaning tasks I was texting while hiding my phone in the area where the food slides out from the grill, haha.

Steven didn’t have a phone. He didn’t feel the need for one, and had no plans of getting one. So the only way to access him when he was out and about was to get in touch with whoever he was with. So, there I was, trying to make plans with Steven via the friend he was hanging out with that night. We decided we’d meet up (for our second hang-out sesh) after work that night, and he’d follow me to my parent’s house. After work I went to C+K and waited in the parking lot for him. It was snowing a lot, and I didn’t know if he was going to be late or what, but I ended up waiting for a bit for him. And while I was waiting I had the radio on so I could listen to music.

That was a mistake.

He got to C+K and when we tried to go we realized that the battery to my parent’s minivan had died, haha. I had no clue how to jump a car, and was feeling a little panicked. It was well after midnight in the middle of a snowstorm and Steven (my hero) got it going despite all the weather.

We got to my parents house and I only remember bits and pieces of that night. It all plays visually in my head like a montage. We talked a lot while laying on separate couches (and he made some very subtle and vague hints that he was interested in having a girlfriend – I was having all the feels!). We made pancakes at some point in the middle of the night, and the best part was when we went outside to play in the snow.

I didn’t really care for being outside in the cold, but this cute boy had somehow convinced me to go outside in the snow twice in the same week! A snowball fight ensued, and we didn’t live in the city so it was completely dark outside. The backyard at my parent’s house is actually quite large, so we had a TON of ground to use! I’ll never forget when he threw a snowball and it hit me square in the face and knocked me flat on my back.

Before I knew it, he had covered the distance between us and he was leaning over me to see if I was okay. And me? I was laughing. Like, couldn’t control myself, could barely speak, laughing! I said something like “That was such a good throw!” and he broke into a huge smile.

And my friends, I like to think that’s when I won him over 🙂

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the story of us: part three.

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