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In today’s photography industry, I feel as though a lot of people spend their time trying to do what other businesses are doing, because they happen to be successful. I think that we often lose ourselves in trying to do what works for everyone else, instead of testing the waters ourselves.  Pixifi gave me the ability to be the photographer that *I* wanted to be. I use to be all caught up in packaging and what to give to clients, and how to do my booking process based on what other photographers were doing. I wanted to be successful and awesome like them, so I wanted to do similar things. Then, I realized that’s not what I wanted at all. I hate wasting paper. Hate it. I don’t like doing things just to do them, and that is what I was caught up in doing.

Pixifi gives me the freedom to be the kind of photographer I want to be – completely digital and eco-friendly. Not to mention simple and convenient. Pixifi is the studio management system that I use to run my business. It allows me to make client portals that I can incorporate into my client lounge, and gives my clients access to everything they’ll need for our relationship together. This system also makes it super simple to accept payments and have clients sign contracts digitally. It can also be used to track your mileage, expenses, income, and various other things.

I. adore. it.

I honestly can’t imagine what my business would be like without it! I just want to talk about the few things that I use on a very regular basis.

Within a client portal, it will have everything that my client needs, and gives them the ability to make edits and changes to their information. They can access their invoice at any time to make a payment of their choice, and they can view their contract. One of my favorite things to put into the client portal are different questionnaires! The photo below is my arsenal of questionnaires. These have been so much fun, because the questions not only ask questions about the event, but also questions about the person. They make me smile every time I read the answers to one! The picture below is an example of what a client portal looks like. It literally has everything they will need in one spot! Pixifi makes it super easy to keep track of all your income. For every invoice you create, it makes it really simple to visually see  how much money you will be expecting to come in. I love this, because I can easily tell how much each of my clients still owe. The other incredible feature that is built in with invoices are scheduled reminders. For every invoice that I do, I set it up so that they have a required payment for the deposit (30% for weddings, 50% for portraits), and then from there on out, they can make payments as small as five dollars if they choose. It gives a lot of freedom, without the pressure of set payments. When I create an invoice, it is linked to an event – such as a family session – and it autofills information from the contract, such as location, date, and how much the session is. Once it pulls that information, I just choose the option of scheduled reminders, which I’ve already set up as a template, and if a client has not paid their balance in full by a certain date, invoice reminders automatically go out – and I don’t even have to do anything! 

When you first sign up for Pixifi (and this page stays until you’re completely done – I never hit “finish” because I always wanted it there in case I wanted to add something), they have this really awesome  “Getting Started” page, which walks you through every step of getting things set up for you and your business! Some other things that Pixifi can do for you is set up workflows for what you do with each client so that you don’t miss anything, and you ensure that you are being super efficient with your time. Pixifi makes it very easy to host workshops and has it all in one easy spot to ensure that everyone is registered and pays for their spot. You can create proposals for inquiries; keep track of vendors that you work with; create communication templates that you can apply to your invoices or contracts that will be sent out to the client – and it is all DIGITAL and so easy to use! Time is money, and the less time I spend on the nitty gritty behind-the-scenes work, the more time I have for myself, my family, and my business. It really can’t get much better than that!

When I get a new client, these are the steps I take:

– Create the client information.

– Create the event.

– Create the contract for the event.

– Create the invoice for the event.

– Send the contract.

– Send the e-mail with their client portal information.

The whole process takes me  maybe  ten minutes. It’s so fabulous. When I first started Pixifi, I took the time to get all of my templates set up and ready to go, so that it would only take me minutes to get the clients what they need when they’ve decided to book with me! There is SO much Pixifi has to offer, and the customer support is BEYOND incredible. They respond to e-mails super fast, and their facebook group is phenomenal. This is one of THE best investments I’ve made for my business. I strongly encourage any photographer who isn’t already using this to give it a shot! They have a 30 day free trial, and I can almost guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

<3 Linda


Do you think you’ll give it a shot?! If you try it, tell me how it works for you and your business in the comments!

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