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Day 15 –  A Day in the life

Today’s blog challenge was to document a day in the life. I didn’t take as many photos as I probably should’ve, but that’s okay! Thankfully – I was pretty productive on this Sunday (typically happens when I’m home alone for the day)!

I started my day off with my normal cup of warm lemon water about an hour before eating my oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast! I also made a list of things I wanted to attempt to accomplish (did all but three!), and watched The Hannah Montana Movie! 🙂

I uploaded a TON of photos from the past few days, so that I could get to work on editing and delivering them!

While the photos were importing, I did all of the dishes that have been laying around my room and such (mostly empty mugs with straws 🙂 ). Then I went through and trimmed (hulled?) and froze the four cartons of strawberries we bought yesterday when we went grocery shopping. I’m hoping that the organic ones look better next time!

By this point, I was hungry enough for lunch! Homemade mac ‘n cheese 🙂 I added some spinach and bread crumbs,a and it was DELISH. 

It took me a couple of hours, but I edited and exported both the Renaissance photos, and the photos of Hayden’s birth and PASSed them to their rightful owners! Keep an eye out for those blog posts over the next couple of weeks! 

Then it was FINALLY time to clean!! I scrubbed every tile in our apartment. Unfortunately, we’re now out of scrubbing bubbles 🙁 I also cleaned the bathtub. It definitely needed it! And our kitchen floor is no longer sticky from spilling smoothies/jelly on it 🙂I cleaned the living room….

And the bedroom 🙂

I went for a ten minute run around the Ivy league shortcut. Man, I am OUT of shape! Running is hard for me, and I can’t wait to slowly get better at it 🙂 Then I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One (Well, the last hour of it) while I got the unit review typed up and e-mailed over to the sub for my Deering students tomorrow.

Then it was time to make dinner! 

I made this delicious chicken casserole thingy, and I am so impressed with how it came out! While this was in the oven cooking, I made homemade brownies – from scratch, just to clarify – and I can’t wait to eat them with ice cream tonight!

Now, I’m watching Bridesmaids and working on my grad paper that is due tonight. I’m hoping I can finish it within the hour! It’s a school night!

How was your Sunday?

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