Mr. + Mrs. Foley | Portland Fall Wedding

I asked them how they felt when it was time to just be with the two of them. “Relieved,” was what they said. Seeing Alex standing alone, knowing that Alisha was just outside waiting to walk down the aisle to him was the sweetest thing ever. You could tell he was just a big ball of emotions about what was about to happen.

I just do not have words for these two. They are such a sweet couple, they are so in love, and they planned the perfect celebration of their marriage.  I’m so thankful for the gorgeous light and the leaves that had started to change colors for their photos! I’m even more thankful to have been a part of such a monumental day in their life.


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  1. Carleen Bernosky says:

    you two look amazing. What a beautiful couple you make.

  2. Dale Mckibben says:

    Great photos ! Looks like one perfect day for all

  3. Liz Bancroft Foley says:

    Wonderful job with the photos – not just these, but all of them. Still haven’t made it through them ALL! A wonderful day, wonderful couple – and it’s just the beginning, kids. We love you!

  4. Mary Sivertsen says:

    Very nice capturing the emotions of the day. Well done Linda!!

  5. Linda Burnham says:

    The pictures are a beautiful representation of the two of them and their special day.

  6. Lyn Morrison Eaton says:

    Beautiful pictures. Love the Fall colors!

  7. Debbie Yurga says:


  8. Alison Berry Shaw says:

    awesome pictures it was like I was really there too, Alex was one of my favorite kids next door to me and I watched him grow up to be a young man that he is, I wish all the love and happiness that is out there for you and your beautiful wife. God Bless you both.

  9. Looks like it was a magical day! Very beautiful pictures! Congrats Mr. And Mrs. Foley!!!! 🙂

  10. Suzanne Kemple says:

    Beautiful photos, beautiful couple. Thanks for letting us be part of it.

  11. Samantha Clendaniel says:

    What wonderful pictures! My very best wishes to you both.

  12. Debora Gervais says:

    They could not have had more perfect day! Love to both!

  13. Ronna Leighton says:


  14. Danielle Gervais Stancombe says:

    So beautiful! Loved the colors, the cake, you did a wonderful job. Love you guys!

  15. Sharon Beckwith says:

    Incredible and touching pictures of a wonderful day! Thanks for letting us be a witness to such a wonderful event in the lives of A & A Foley!!!!!!!

  16. Daniel stefanilo says:

    Alex and Alisha are beautiful. Linda your pics are amazing!

  17. Dorismarie Fetter says:

    You both look so wonderful. I loved being able to see how your special day went. Alisha I am so glad that all those little details you talked with me about,all just seem to come together beautifully. May you both share many more Special moments of Happiness & Love for a very long time. <3

  18. Nicole Schaffer says:

    I just love this couple and im so happy they are family.

  19. Zachery Phillips says:

    It was an amazing wedding I’m so happy for them

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