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I am a big believer in living a SIMPLE life, and I work really hard to practice what I preach! With that being said, we live in an apartment in South Portland and for the first time we had a space that I could dedicate my work area to that wasn’t also our bedroom! This space is still SMALL and ORGANIZED so that I can run my photography business efficiently 🙂

I wanted to share my office space with you all to show you how I keep things simple!

Everything happens at my desk, which has two shelves on the side of it. I use those shelves to store my pens/pencils, my business binders, envelopes and my “in” box. These are the things that I use the absolute most, so keeping them within arms reach is super helpful!

On top of my bookshelf in the office, I have another purple basket where I store all of my mailing/packaging items, client gifts, my two external hard drives, and some photography books that I really love!  Then I have ONE ribbon board that has photos and thank you cards from my couples.

Lastly, I store my printer underneath a side table that we put in this room that we share with my sister’s desk and space, and all of our bedding and towels!

Simple office area by Linda Barry PhotographySimple office area by Linda Barry PhotographySimple office area by Linda Barry PhotographySimple office area by Linda Barry PhotographySimple office area by Linda Barry Photography

Want to simplify your office area? Here are some tips to get you started!

  • Start with your pens and pencils and highlighters. I’d be willing to bet you don’t use 76% of the writing tools you have sitting around taking up space! Get rid of a bunch of them! You don’t need 14 pens!
  • Magazines – if you haven’t looked at them in the past month or two, throw them out! You probably won’t look at them in the future and they’re just using up precious office space!
  • Keep your desk CLEAN. I don’t know about you, but if my desk isn’t clean I have a REALLY hard time focusing on the task at hand! If it’s not clean, give it a quick tidy before getting down to work! I don’t have picture frames on the walls
  • Binders and notebooks! Keeping my notes in one notebook made a huge difference in the amount of loose papers I had floating around! Also, use binders to organize the papers you absolutely NEED to keep! If you don’t NEED it, recycle it! Also, file things into binders on a semi-regular basis so that they don’t get too overwhelming later on!

Hopefully some of these tips were helpful! I just wanted to take some time to share about how I keep things MINIMAL so that I only have what I NEED!! 🙂


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Simple office area by Linda Barry Photography

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