How to Create a Photo Wall

Over the past year and a half, we’ve slowly been making minor updates to our home to help it feel more like “us.” There are a lot of things I absolutely adore about our home, and one of these things is a new addition!

When Steven was on a climbing trip in Kentucky back in March, I decided to do a bunch of things around the house to help keep me busy. They were mostly mini house projects. One of these projects was something we’d been talking about doing for months: a photo wall! I love how it came out! It’s very much US! It extends just a little more to the right, but not too much more. Anyway, now that it’s done, I realized there were a few key things that I kept in mind for the project!

  1. What’s your vision? We wanted a wall of photos that would help us tell stories when people came over in visited. We wanted photos that were truly meaningful for us! This really helped us decide what photos we want to put up, and which ones we will put up in the future! This wall is going to evolve and change over time! I also wanted it to be a colorful space as well! 
  2. Invest in high quality prints. I purchased all of our prints from WHCC and it was worth every extra penny! The colors came out amazing, and the photos just look awesome in their frames! I’m of the firm belief that if it’s going on display somewhere in your home, you should spend the extra money on a professional quality print lab.
  3. Frames! Steven really wants to make the frames for these photos, and I’m totally on board with that! So, I had to keep that in mind when I was buying frames, because it didn’t make sense for me to spend hundreds of dollars on frames, if we were just going to swap them out down the road. So, I compromised. Half of the frames I spent more money on, and the other half of them I scored at Goodwill! I think it also helped contribute to the funky, eclectic feel that is basically our life.
    4. Accents. Try not to overdo it. You want the focus to be on the MEMORIES, and not so much the pretty stuff you can buy at Target or JoAnn’s. I did end up buying two accents, but I was very intentional about it, and I really love what they add to the wall! 5.To use a ruler, or not to use a ruler?! I quite literally just stuck thumbtacks in the walls and hung them up. I didn’t measure anything, and that’s okay because that’s the look I was going for. So, you have to decide if you want to line things up or not before you start! Either way is perfectly acceptable!

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