Exploring the Wild West!

Our odometer tells us that we traveled 7,206 miles, over the course of 16 days, through more states than I can even remember or count. What it doesn’t tell us is the incredible memories that were made as Steven and I traveled out west for our first time. We saw countless incredible sights. National monuments, incredible parks, and just downright gorgeous scenery. The time we spent in the car was well worth it because of all the beautiful landscapes we saw as we made our first loop around the country.

The best part about this trip is we got to see SO many friends (and family!) and just be able to share our experiences with them! It was also cool being able to visit some places from the perspective of a local! The major points of our trip were: Little Rock, Durango, the Grand Canyon, Salt Lake City, Boise, Mount Rushmore, and Ann Arbor. Traveling by car allowed us the luxury of being able to make detours and side trips that we weren’t planning on (like Yellowstone, or Zion national parks).  We also took our car through creeks and down a lot of dirt roads!

Here’s a word of advice for anyone who plans to travel and see all kinds of amazing things out west – plan for MORE time. Steven and I underestimated how much there was to do in the national parks, and just how much time we’d actually WANT to spend there! We are so grateful for the time we had, and we had so much fun, but on our next loop across the country we plan to spend more time in the places we wish we had more of! Especially the Grand Canyon – apparently you can hike all the way down below the rim to the river! We did a little bit of a hike below the rim and it was incredible.

Second word of advice- keep a travel journal! I’ve always kept ones for my major trips around the world, but I never kept any for personal trips with Steven, and we travel every year! I really noticed it last year after our trip to DC. We did SO much and LEARNED so much, and I didn’t keep track of any of it! This year is the first year of many trips that I kept a personal travel journal. I can’t wait to share these with our children someday! We also bought a FujiFilm Instax Mini 90 and I took photos throughout the trip and gave extras to friends we saw, and put the rest in my travel journal. So perfect!


We spent way too much money, ate too much incredible food, we climbed, we hiked, we walked a lot, saw a lot of mountain goats, laughed until our bellies hurt, shared in humorous and interesting experiences (we got kicked off a shuttle bus, and we almost ran into a bison!), and drove until we were tired.

I know I found the perfect man for me if spending two weeks on a road trip sounds like the best days of my life! There aren’t enough words, and at the same time, there isn’t enough blog space to talk about all the incredible places we saw and just how truly grateful we are to have had this opportunity!

So, please accept the following photos as a way to share our trip with you!

2015-08-12_0001 2015-08-12_0002 2015-08-12_0003 2015-08-12_0004 2015-08-12_0005 2015-08-12_0006 2015-08-12_0007 2015-08-12_0008 2015-08-12_0009 2015-08-12_0010 2015-08-12_0011 2015-08-12_0012 2015-08-12_0013 2015-08-12_0014 2015-08-12_0015 2015-08-12_0016 2015-08-12_0017 2015-08-12_0018 2015-08-12_0019 2015-08-12_0020 2015-08-12_0021 2015-08-12_0022 2015-08-12_0023 2015-08-12_0024 2015-08-12_0025 2015-08-12_0026 2015-08-12_0027 2015-08-12_0028 2015-08-12_0029 2015-08-12_0030 2015-08-12_0031 2015-08-12_0032 2015-08-12_0033 2015-08-12_0034 2015-08-12_0035 2015-08-12_0036 2015-08-12_0037 2015-08-12_0038 2015-08-12_0039 2015-08-12_0040 2015-08-12_0041 2015-08-12_0042 2015-08-12_0043 2015-08-12_0044 2015-08-12_0045 2015-08-12_0046 2015-08-12_0047 2015-08-12_0048 2015-08-12_0049 2015-08-12_0050 2015-08-12_0051 2015-08-12_0052 2015-08-12_0053 2015-08-12_0054 2015-08-12_0055 2015-08-12_0056 2015-08-12_0057 2015-08-12_0058 2015-08-12_0059 2015-08-12_0060 2015-08-12_0061 2015-08-12_0062 2015-08-12_0063 2015-08-12_0064 2015-08-12_0065 2015-08-12_0066 2015-08-12_0067 2015-08-12_0068 2015-08-12_0069 2015-08-12_0070 2015-08-12_0071 2015-08-12_0072 2015-08-12_0073 2015-08-12_0074 2015-08-12_0075 2015-08-12_0076 2015-08-12_0077 2015-08-12_0078 2015-08-12_0079 2015-08-12_0080 2015-08-12_0081 2015-08-12_0082 2015-08-12_0083 2015-08-12_0084 2015-08-12_0085 2015-08-12_0086 2015-08-12_0087


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