Colby College Wedding | Christina + Tyler

EVERYONE loves this couple. They have a way of making everyone around them feel so appreciated and loved! The smiles that Christina and Tyler have for each other are more than enough to make everyone believe in true love.

Their story begins with a swing dance at a wedding reception. Tyler was a groomsman, and Christina was a bridesmaid. She just knew that day that it wouldn’t be the last time she’d be seeing Tyler at the end of an aisle. You can definitely say she had great instincts. The couple of the wedding they were in, had their turn and were part of Tyler and Christina’s wedding party to see the story come full circle. They were married in the gorgeous Lorimer Chapel at Colby College – where Tyler went to school. When they had been dating for two months, Christina visited Tyler at school and told him that was the chapel she would get married in. It already matched the colors she had picked out for her wedding since her senior year of high school 😉

Tyler would do anything to make Christina happy and Christina just lights up when she’s around Tyler. The love and happiness is literally contagious when you’re around them!

Christina and Tyler, honored doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about your wedding. It was a stunning day, and I’m so excited for you both as you start this new journey together. I’m beyond grateful and blessed to be able to know you. Much love and appreciation…Linda.

lormimer-chapel, colby-college, colby college wedding

After downpours overnight, it was a beautiful day for this amazing celebration at Colby College in Waterville…2015-06-21_0002

Christina and Tyler did all of the floral arrangements themselves, and they absolutely nailed it!

You can’t go wrong with a bride who puts a Tardis on her wedding shoes! 2015-06-21_00082015-06-21_00092015-06-21_0010

Tyler used to come to the chapel every night and practice a song he wrote for Christina. He played that song on this day before guests started to arrive. 2015-06-21_00112015-06-21_00122015-06-21_0013lormimer-chapel, colby-college, colby college wedding2015-06-21_00152015-06-21_00162015-06-21_00172015-06-21_00182015-06-21_00192015-06-21_0020

Oh Christina. You are just simply stunning. 2015-06-21_0021lormimer-chapel, colby-college, colby college wedding2015-06-21_00232015-06-21_00242015-06-21_00252015-06-21_00262015-06-21_00272015-06-21_00282015-06-21_0029

Tyler seeing Christina for the first time. Before the ceremony, he kept asking how she looked, and he was just so excited to be able to finally see her. 2015-06-21_00302015-06-21_00312015-06-21_00322015-06-21_00332015-06-21_00342015-06-21_00352015-06-21_0036

Christina’s dad is a pastor at their church in Florida, and he delivered what had to be the best ceremony I’ve ever heard! 2015-06-21_00372015-06-21_00382015-06-21_0039lormimer-chapel, colby-college, colby college wedding2015-06-21_0041lormimer-chapel, colby-college, colby college wedding2015-06-21_0043lormimer-chapel, colby-college, colby college weddinglormimer-chapel, colby-college, colby college wedding2015-06-21_00462015-06-21_00472015-06-21_0048lormimer-chapel, colby-college, colby college wedding, red-blue-wedding2015-06-21_0050lormimer-chapel, colby-college, colby college wedding, red-blue-wedding2015-06-21_0052lormimer-chapel, colby-college, colby college wedding, red-blue-wedding2015-06-21_00542015-06-21_00552015-06-21_0056lormimer-chapel, colby-college, colby college wedding, red-blue-wedding2015-06-21_00582015-06-21_0059lormimer-chapel, colby-college, colby college wedding, red-blue-wedding2015-06-21_00612015-06-21_00622015-06-21_00632015-06-21_00642015-06-21_00652015-06-21_00662015-06-21_0067

Tyler only had eyes for Christina…2015-06-21_00682015-06-21_0069

He loved showing off that new ring of his!2015-06-21_00702015-06-21_0071lormimer-chapel, colby-college, colby college wedding, red-blue-wedding2015-06-21_00732015-06-21_00742015-06-21_00752015-06-21_00762015-06-21_0077

Amazing toasts were made… 2015-06-21_0078

First dances were had…2015-06-21_00792015-06-21_00802015-06-21_00812015-06-21_00822015-06-21_00832015-06-21_00842015-06-21_00852015-06-21_00862015-06-21_00872015-06-21_00882015-06-21_0089

Then they danced the night away… 2015-06-21_00902015-06-21_0091

But they had some special surprises – first a serenade from Tyler’s dad’s amazing quartet..lormimer-chapel, colby-college, colby college wedding, red-blue-wedding2015-06-21_0093

And an appearance by the acapella group that Tyler was a part of during his time at Colby College. 2015-06-21_00942015-06-21_00952015-06-21_0096

I can’t think of a better way to end this than with a sweet kiss between the newlyweds!

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  1. Brenda Jamerson says:

    Just amazing pictures! Congrats to Mr and Mrs White happiness for every and every!

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