Baby Barry’s Ocean Themed Nursery

My sister tells me she’s obsessed with the baby’s room. If we’re being honest, I am too! It’s the first time in my life I’ve ever planned out a room with so much detail and thought! I LOVE the ocean, and I wanted a room that wasn’t so “kiddish” but was something that the baby wouldn’t really outgrow for a while! It was also our first “home improvement” project, and that was pretty exciting! People have been asking about the baby’s room and what it looks like, so now that it’s OFFICIALLY done, here are photos!!

ocean theme nursery_0001

One of my goals was to get as much baby stuff used as possible! I feel pretty good about how the furniture in the room is all used! I found the nightstand from this cute little old lady on Craigslist ($20). The rocking chair is the rocking chair that my mom used to rock us four babies to sleep!! I’m so happy to keep it in the family! I found the changing table off of VarageSale for $30, and the crib was given to us by a friend of ours who didn’t need it anymore (they also got it used and it’s still in great shape!)ocean theme nursery_0002

I am so thankful and happy about all the gifts we received from the baby shower, and how many of them were handmade as well!! ocean theme nursery_0003

The “guest book” from the baby shower is now framed and on the door when you go into the room! I made the mobile with some sticks outside, and recycled the fish decorations from the baby shower my sister did for me! I originally was going to do origami sea animals, but decided to keep things as simple and easy for me as possible! ocean theme nursery_0004

A co-worker made this adorable “B” and a super sweet friend of mine created this watercolor painting of Hogwarts!! OBSESSED!! 😀 ocean theme nursery_0005

I found the pieces of art on Amazon by accident, and I’m stoked I did! It was only $35 for the six pieces! I also framed three photos from the time Steven and I went to Higgins Beach just to photograph the sunset and the surfers! ocean theme nursery_0006

I found the lamp on Amazon as well. I think it was $75? ocean theme nursery_0007ocean theme nursery_0008ocean theme nursery_0009ocean theme nursery_0010ocean theme nursery_0011

Steven built me this gorgeous shelf!! I’m so excited to also be able to use it to house all my scrapbooks and photo albums so that I always have easy access to them!! ocean theme nursery_0012ocean theme nursery_0013ocean theme nursery_0014ocean theme nursery_0015ocean theme nursery_0016

I found the rug on for $50 – I never realized how expensive rugs actually are until I was searching for one!! 🙂 Anyway, this room is easily my favorite spot in the house now. I often find myself sitting in the rocking chair and journaling, reading, or working on my Bible study!! I can’t wait until there’s a sweet little boy or girl living in there as well!


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