Why Wedding DJs Are the Secret Ingredient

I’ve been to a lot of weddings. Some of them have DJs, and some of them don’t. Sometimes the DJs are great, and sometimes they aren’t. For those weddings who don’t have a DJ, sometimes it’s flawless and other times it’s not! Ultimately, the choice to hire a wedding DJ is only one that can be made by you and your partner, but I’d like to make a case as to why wedding DJs are the secret ingredient.

Everyone looks forward to the reception, right? It’s the time where everyone socializes, eats amazing food, and gets to bust a move on the dance floor. An excellent DJ can make the reception even better.

One of the major reasons that these wedding DJs (I just realized that I have yet to meet a female DJ!) are so great is that they keep the reception rolling.

They help you create a timeline for the whole evening, and then they make sure things happen in that order! It keeps the guests from getting bored, and gets you through the traditional stuff you have planned and into the party portion of the evening!

They also provide the music.

If you make your own playlist and set it up on a device at your reception, you really have to put a lot of thought into the types of music you want to play at certain points in the evening, and you have to make sure that it’s GOOD music that will get people moving! It’s can certainly be a challenging task to take on yourself!

They often also help get the ceremony set up.

Usually there is music for the ceremony and the need for microphones so that guests can hear what’s happening. In every situation I’ve seen, the DJ has helped get this set up with their equipment. What a relief!

Basically, these individuals are awesome. They take on a rather large role for the evening and I honestly believe they are worth every penny!

wedding dj by Linda Barry Photography

Well, now that I’ve provided three reasons why wedding DJs are the secret ingredient, I figured it would be good to also share some tips on how to go about choosing the perfect DJ for your big night!

Choose the perfect guy or gal yourself.

When I got married, the venue provided a DJ at no additional cost if we got married on a Sunday. I was sold on that idea! Looking back now, I wish we had chosen our own DJ. Ours didn’t really play the kind of music that I was hoping that would get a lot of my family, especially my new husband, up and dancing. Do your research, meet with them, and make the choice yourself.

Make sure they really enjoy their job.

This may seem like a no brainer, but I’ve been at some weddings where the DJ clearly did NOT want to be there, and it was so incredibly uncomfortable to be around. Some of them were also just downright rude. So not what you need on your wedding day!

Ask about their equipment.

If they have opportunities to bring lights to be set up for your reception, do it! Uplighting can add so much to your photos! Also, I have nothing against CDs (I still listen to them in my car!) but I don’t think a wedding is an appropriate place to have them. Unless your DJ is completely up to date with their collection, and are really solid in their methods, there’s chances they won’t have all the songs the guests request, and there’s the possibility of CDs skipping and repeating and so on. Just something to think about!

Well, there you have it! To see more tips for brides, click here!



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wedding dj by Linda Barry Photography

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