Tips for planning your wedding | Advice from REAL brides – 2016 Edition

Planning a wedding can be really stressful and overwhelming. It can also be super fantastic! However, there are a lot of things to keep in mind while planning your wedding. So, I’ve asked my 2016 brides to share some advice to other brides-to-be planning their weddings!

From Amanda:

“Be patient with one another and hear out each other’s ideas.”

Covered Bridge Engagement Session Photos by Linda Barry Photography

From Cassandra:

“Don’t forget to breathe! A lot of people will throw ideas and opinions at you and you just have to be able to breathe and let it roll off your back 🙂 You do YOU.”

Lucerne Inn Wedding Photos by Linda Barry Photography

From Christine:

“It is totally ok if your plans change! When we first got engaged I (Christine) had so many big ideas and the closer we got to the wedding the more I had to prioritize what was really important to us. The planning process should be (relatively) enjoyable, and if you’re stressing too much about one (or a few) details, take a step back and try to think about if people will notice or care if it’s missing. If not, move on. I had some sleepless nights in the beginning of our engagement wanting to get every detail right and the closer we get to the wedding the more I realize that the most important thing is I get to marry my best friend!”

Mill 1 Purple and Gold Wedding Photos by Linda Barry Photography

From Lynsey:

“Keep it fun!”

Coastal Maine Wedding by Linda Barry Photography

From Rebecca:

“Elope… no really- it is much more stressful than I thought it might be!”

samuel wilde memorial chapel wedding_0070

From Allyssa:

“Relax and enjoy planning the rest of your lives together. At the end of the day the centerpieces and bridesmaids hair really doesn’t matter. The only thing that does is the I do, I do too and forever after.”

Navy and Gold Airplane Wedding by Linda Barry Photography

From Erin:

“Keep calm.”

Southwest Harbor Wedding Photos by Linda Barry Photography

From Erica:

“Try not to plan anything too far in advance. I planned things a year out and then details or needs would change so I ended up re-doing things.”

Hartley Mason Reservation Wedding Photos by Linda Barry Photography

From Renee:

“Try to stay organized and have a timeline of when you want to have things done by (e.g by this date, I want to have sent out the invitations, etc.) It also helps to keep a spreadsheet of how much each item costs (e.g. music/DJ, cake, photographer, etc.) to keep a running tally of expenses in order to stay on budget.”

freeport maine engagement photos_0013

From Olivia:

“Be patient, don’t rush the process. I enjoyed planning my wedding because I had time I never felt rushed and I did my research to make sure that we were having the wedding we always dreamed for! Enjoy the engaged stage of life! :)”

The Woodlands Club Wedding Photos by Linda Barry Photography

From Shila:

“The wedding reception really becomes about the people that you care about (family, friends), but as that become more intensive remember that the moment that matters is really about you two. The whole reason you’re throwing the party that you are is because you want to share the love and life that you’re formally joining. In short: when you’re ready to throw in the towel think about the love you already share with your fiance and how that’s really what you’re sharing with the other people you love.”

Fort Williams Engagement Session by Linda Barry Photography

Well, there you have it! The 2016 edition of advice from brides for planning your own wedding! I hope some of these tips were helpful! I think these ladies are definitely on to something!



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Covered Bridge Engagement Session Photos by Linda Barry Photography

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