The Red River Gorge

Me and my husband celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary about a month ago, and to celebrate, we spent a week traveling to and from Kentucky (with a stop in New Jersey on the way home!) to do some rock climbing! My husband really got me into rock climbing after we first met, which was awesome, because I’d always had an interest in rock climbing since I had seen The Princess Diaries for the first time. And that one time on a rock wall at Reading Writing Spectacular. Both of these events happened about ten years ago! Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to learn in real life! Steven (the mister) has been climbing for a while now, and has been to the Red more then a few times and has always had incredible things to say about it. Naturally, I wanted to have incredible things to say about it too!

Let me tell you something, even if you are not a rock climber, you should go see the Red. It is SO beautiful there! The first time I saw the rocks, I just stopped and stared at it (I probably drooled a little bit, as I’m sure my mouth was hanging open in wonder) and Steven just laughed at me and said they all looked like that, and then he got me back on track. So pretty. I can’t even say it enough. Also, it constantly felt like I was in some sort of jungle when we were hiking around all the trails to get to the crags. Some days I felt like we did more hiking then climbing! Okay. That might have been an exaggeration.

While we were there, we got to see the Natural Bridge (something Steven hadn’t seen before!) and it was so pretty! Very difficult to get good photos, but nonetheless, very pretty. Me and Steven also were complimented and told that we were “just the cutest couple ever!” I’m convinced it’s because they heard me bossing Steven around while I was taking pictures of him 🙂 We did lots of climbing, saw some neat animals (a BRIGHT orange salamander, and a dancing green caterpillar), talked to some awesome people, ate great food (Miguel’s Pizza!!!!!), and visited some friends. It was an excellent trip!

Our trip was made even better when we were able to stop in New Jersey for a night and day to see a really good friend of mine! It was complete with a beach day, swimming in the pool, delicious food, and a night on the pier! It was such an amazing, amazing, trip, and I was secretly wishing we never had to come back!

I hope that we get to do a trip like this for every anniversary we have , full of so much laughter, and falling in love all over again. 🙂


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