The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen :: Book Review

art of stress free productivity

It took me a while to read the whole thing, but I did it! I am so glad I read this book as it really helped me understand what it means to be productive and literally stress-free. Now, this book helped me in three significant ways.

#1. If it takes less than two minutes to do it, just do it right then and there.

This seems like it should be totally obvious, right? Well, it apparently hasn’t been to me. Even is something is super simple and takes less than two minutes, I would often just put it on a to-do list to be done later. By doing these things now it frees up space in your brain, and makes your to-do list less overwhelming.

#2. My e-mail inbox is now SO organized.

I have now implemented  “-PRINT” and “-READREVIEW” folders in my inbox to help keep things more organized and processed. Any time I get something that should be printed, I drop it in my print folder, so that at the end of the month everything that needs printing is all in one place, and I don’t have to go searching for it.

#3. My 2014 planner rocks.

This book taught me about not having a daily to-do list (because then you’re always transferring tasks to the next day, and you feel terrible about yourself) and how a calendar should be sacred. I created a simple new layout for my planner so that one page consists of boxes for each day of the week, where I ONLY put things that absolutely HAVE to get done that day. Like, turning in a grad assignment, or a dinner date, or an appointment, and so on. The second page that I see each week is a “Tasks” page where I have created sections such as “@ computer,” “errands,” “personal,” “@home,” and so on so that every time I think of something that needs to be done, I put it in the appropriate category so that it is all super laid out and clear about what needs to be done. Now when I am at my computer, I can just open up my planner, look at my @computer list, and not have to worry about forgetting or missing anything!

This book was awesome. I can’t wait to keep working on implementing what I have learned from David Allen into my personal life, and into more of my business. I highly recommend this book!

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art of stress free productivity

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