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weekly wrap up, linda barry photographyI’ve decided to start a new blog series – weekly wrap-up! Over the course of one week I come across a bunch of cool articles and videos that I like to share on my facebook page or e-mail to my friends. So, I thought I should start sharing these on my blog! It may not be every single week, but it’ll be often!

#1. This pedal powered washer is something that I would totally invest in! I guess that’s the hippie in me!! My husband shared this with me and I thought it was such a neat thing!

#2. My physical therapist told me about this commencement speech that Jim Carrey gave, and I thought it was absolutely awesome! Check it out! It’s well worth the 25 minutes!

jim carrey

#3. A photographer in a group I’m in on facebook did an amazing thing for a sweet bride whose wedding did not go as planned!!

#4. I watched this amazing talk by Nigel Marsh about work-life balance, and how to achieve it. It made me laugh and it really made me evaluate what I do on a regular basis! Check this one out!

#5. A cool blog post on the making of a conservationista.

#6. Last, but not least, a video from Zig Ziglar about how you need to prime the pump. In anything that we do, we have to put something into it to get something out of it. This is true of our businesses, our relationships, and our own personal lives. We can’t just sit back and expect something to happen on its own. We have to PRIME THE PUMP. We have to put something IN to get something OUT.


ALSO, here is a sneak peek of my new headshots!! Photos by Amanda Hedgepeth Photography – I can’t wait to share more next week!!




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weekly wrap up, linda barry photography

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