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Day 9 – A moment in your day (this can be just a photo or both a photo and words).

(via) I am a chemistry teacher, and I love the science jokes this cat tells!!

I am a teacher that is currently working between two schools, and it’s enough to effectively keep me running around with no direction 🙂 I was making my eighteenth trip to the photocopier today, when not only did it jam, but the toner was out. Luckily, I am a trained professional at un-jamming photocopiers – and I am such a pro at it, that I don’t get black toner all over me! Today was a doozy, it took me ten minutes to unjam it, and then figure out which little hook wasn’t hooked 100%, thus preventing the door from closing all the way. You’d think that with how advanced our society is, we’d have a different method than photocopying, and machines that jam 98.99% of the time!

I did learn a new trick today. I asked a couple of the other science teachers where to get more toner, and they told me they typically just pull out the toner cartridge, hold it away from them (they had that look on their face that meant business about this little tidbit), and then give it a good tap. I thought it was weird that they held it away from them, but I followed their instructions to a T. I took out the cartridge, dutifully held it as far out in front of me as possible, and gave it a good tap.

Now it makes sense.

When you tap it, a ton of toner shoots out the bottom! Thank goodness they told me to hold it away!  I put it back in, and lo and behold – the machine ran once again and lasted through the rest of my copying business.

It’s the little things, really.


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