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How many times have you gone to put in a CD or DVD into your drive, just to realize it won’t play? Or what about when you accidentally step on it, and it breaks? What about the idea of trying to send a CD/DVD in the mail and it getting dropped in the mud, or even getting lost?! OR, being the one eagerly waiting for the mailman to arrive day after day, with those precious photos?

Those days are gone. Looooong gone.

Back in July or August, I started to use this new snazzy feature called PASS. It’s a digital way to share high-resolution images with your clients, friends, and family, at the click of a button. PASS recently just came out with the new beta version, which means that it’s still being worked on, and more features are still being built in and released. But, let me tell you, I always forget that it is still in beta. It’s such an amazing product, and it’s so stable that sometimes its hard for me to imagine it could get any better! This super brief video right below these words gives you the overview of why everyone absolutely loves PASS and is using it!

PASS :: #1 WAY TO SHARE WEDDING PHOTOS from Showit on Vimeo.


As a photographer who really works hard to be mindful of the environment, delivering photos digitally is really important to me, and helps me stick to my guns about my morals and values 🙂 Not to mention, I was always struggling to get to the post office during their open hours to mail out a CD of images to my clients. This means that it generally took an extra few days to get those photos to my clients. Now, I can upload the photos, and share the photos with my fabulous clients within a few days from their session! How awesome is that?!


The new PASS has a very pinterest-y layout, which I absolutely adore because it shows the photos in all their beautiful glory. The images are easy to see as a whole, and it just flows so easily. Not only is it super easy for us to use as photographers (the whole process takes minutes, literally), but it’s also incredibly easy to use for first time users. There’s even an option for viewers to sign the guestbook, right within the gallery.

PASS gallery
If you click on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner, it opens up a quick menu that can be super helpful. The great thing about PASS is that when I am creating an event and uploading photos, I’m able to divvy those photos up in different “collections.” This makes it less overwhelming for my awesome brides, grooms, couples, and individuals to look at all their photos! Instead of looking at 700 wedding photos (which immediately turns my smile into a smushed up frown – I mean, come on, it’s super exciting to look at those photos that are so incredible, BUT, it’s a lot to take in at once!), they can look at them in various sections, such as “Bride getting ready,” “details,” “reception,” and so on. It makes it easier on your eyes, and your brain! There’s also a download all feature which allows you to download all of the images in the gallery to your computer, instead of picking photos to download one at a time.

PASS gallery

And, of course, you can look at the photos individually and bask in all their glory. If you click on the “+” button, it allows you to share that photo to various places! Once you’ve “favorited” your photos, you can share them as an album to your Facebook page, so everyone can tell you how gorgeous you are!

Whenever someone books with me, this online gallery is automatically included as a service. 🙂 I love all the benefits it has, and just how easy it is to use! Later this spring, the “print” feature will be available, so clients can order absolutely beautiful prints of their memories right through their gallery – with guaranteed professional quality. The online galleries are uploaded live for one year, and can be upgraded to a five year gallery at an additional fee. The really neat thing, however, is that regardless of how long the event is published for, the photos stay stored in a cloud for TEN years! That way, at any point within ten years of receiving your photos, you decide you want to order prints, it’s super easy for me to just activate the gallery again!

There really are no downsides to this amazing program.

Photographers – another benefit that PASS provides is that anytime a photo is shared, it’s linked back to your work, every time. You can also look at your “world takeover” and see how many photo views you’ve had since using PASS, how many downloads, where they were downloaded, and the statistics for each event you published. That in itself is enough to make you realize how valuable this is to you and your business!

As a photographer, I feel that the most important part of our experience together is the photos. These are what you will have to look back on, forever. PASS makes it that much easier for me to help you keep those memories, and get them to you and all your loved ones in no time at all.

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PASS gallery

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