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Over the weekend, I made the eight hour drive each way down to Beachwood, New Jersey to spend some quality time with one of my best girlfriends. You know when you get into a funk that you can’t really describe? Well, I was in one of those – big time. I knew that a trip down to see Miss. Amy would definitely lift my spirits! I left Friday night and arrived at 2am Saturday morning, and left Sunday morning at 10:30am. It was short-lived, but everything I could possibly need!

Me and Amy had SO much fun! We hardly stopped talking during our whole visit! We went to the mall and relived our teenage years and tried on a zillion prom dresses and took photos of the process; we snuck onto the beach so I could see it since the hurricane; Amy treated me to dinner at a local (and incredibly cute!) diner; and we ended our evening with some dancing at Hemingway’s! I haven’t been out dancing since before I got married!

Seriously though, I could not have asked for a better 24-ish hours. 

Seaside was affected pretty badly after Hurricane Sandy. The top photo is how the pier looked last summer when we stopped by to visit on our way home. The bottom photo is how it looks now. The roller coaster is now sitting in the water, and the pier is ruined.

I just had to take photos of her new house! She is the cutest decorator ever! I absolutely loved it!She was also super handy and re-purposed a ton of stuff – like that shelf, and that dresser!Her couch is her pride and joy! One of the first items that she actually purchased for her home! It’s super cute, and comfy!!Love her office!! And that photo 🙂 Trying on dresses at the mall!! We had sooo much fun doing this! I’m sure everyone could hear us laughing the whole time! These photos are mix between her camera and mine! Thankfully we had hers, because mine died halfway through!I realized after this, that we both actually look pretty darn good in floor length dresses!I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this girl. Even though those two were blurry, I still love them. Is she gorgeous OR WHAT?!Time for some fun on the beach! Our feet were absolutely frozen!Uhm. Helloooo new favorite!! (^^)I love that I was able to capture the moon in this photo 🙂I left the tripod attachment on my other camera – in Maine – so I was soo glad that there were blocks of cement randomly on the beach! It made the perfect resting spot for my camera!This is all the sand they pulled from the streets after the hurricane. However, there’s still a lot of sand on the roads. Mmmm 🙂 FOOD! My first time eating zucchini, and they were fried sticks! It wasn’t too shabby!!For whatever reason, I just can’t get over this photo. I love it so much!

Totally ready for a night of dancing!! <3

I am so happy that I was finally able to take a drive down and visit her! I’m so blessed.

<3 Linda

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