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Equipment envy is something that I’m fairly positive every person experiences. It is so easy to get caught up in thinking about how much better your photos could be if you “just had this..”

Am I right?

I use to envy other people’s gear really badly. Like, to a point where I thought I absolutely needed it to be successful. This year has really changed that view of mine. Not everyone has the same style. Not everyone uses gear in the same way.

I’ve also learned that I refuse to go into debt to buy a piece of gear. I’ll save up for it instead. This goes back to my post about the gear that I use – you don’t need to have all the newest and fanciest gear to create beautiful images. It comes down to knowing how to use what you have, and using it well. It’s the eye behind the camera, not the camera, that makes gorgeous photos.

There are definitely some pieces of gear that I really want, like a 14-24 lens, but not because other people have it. I want it because I have images in my head that I know physically cannot happen without a wide angle lens. There is a specific purpose for it, and it’s specific to what I want, not what other people use it for. With that being said, I’m in no rush to get it. I feel completely confident in my skills and the gear that I have, and I think that because of that, I finally have gotten over envying the gear of other photographers. I still catch myself from time to time, but it’s a fleeting thought.

I guess what I am trying to say is that equipment envy is sort of silly. Don’t get caught up in how others are using their gear, or what gear they have. Instead, get caught up in YOUR own gear and your skills, and your photography will improve because of that alone 🙂

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