Portland, Maine Photographer :: Day three :: Things that make me uncomfortable

Jeans without back pockets.

There’s just something about them that I can’t get past. You won’t catch me in a pair of jeans without back pockets, or at least the fake back pockets.




Statuses on facebook that air out the dirty laundry.

I know facebook is the place for people to express themselves, but it makes me uncomfortable when people express themselves at the negative expense of others. It’s just a no-no in my book. We should be building others up not tearing them down!

Not being able to get rid of sentimental clothing.

I’ve been working so hard to get rid of clothes that I don’t wear, but I’m essentially down to the t-shirts that I never wear, but have some specific sentimental reason for having them. Therefore they continue to stay.

Corn tortillas.

They’re just so weird! Brown-rice, flour, or wheat tortillas are where its at! Essentially every other type of tortilla besides corn.


Not using my planner efficiently.

I put so much work into creating it, and lately it’s like I’m protesting my planner. Must. fix.

Running out of q-tips.

Knowing I won’t be able to clean my ears until I remember to buy more drives me bonkers. I hate not having q-tips!

The fact that I’m pretty sure hardly anyone reads this blog.

BUT. I will keep on keeping on, because one day it’ll all work out just like I hope!

Hearing conversations in the hallways at school that I hope I never hear my teenage kids having.

I never had those kinds of conversations when I was a teenager!

Not making eye contact during conversation.

But then it’s more awkward if you’ve been avoiding eye contact, and then all of a sudden you do make eye contact – it’s a surefire case of the heebie jeebies.

Lastly, not being able to hear what the workers at Chipotle are saying.

Then I end up pointing to random things to put on my burrito because I’m under pressure. It works out, though 🙂


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