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When I was in my first or second year of college, I decided I wanted to add to my very short “bucket list,” a list of things I would like to do before I die. Now, looking back at them, and what I’ve crossed off, and what I’ve not, I’ve come up with a few more things I’d like to do 🙂

1.buy a big truck. or SUV.

2.fall head over heels in love

3.travel to Greece, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, France, Spain, and Mexico.

4.kiss in the pouring rain.

5.build a house.

6.get married and raise a family.

7.become a successful teacher.

8.travel to Australia.

9.own clothes from Abercrombie and Hollister. (Hand-me downs, of course!)

10.become completely fluent in a third language.

11.buy my first car completely on my own.

12.kiss under the mistletoe.

13.go to college.

14.finish my Australia scrapbooks.

15.go skydiving.

16.go bungee jumping.

17.go rappelling.

18.watch a meteor shower.

19.go on a real multiple-day-long road trip with my friends.

20.meet somebody famous.

21.be in Boston for the 4th of July.

22.be in Times Square for New Years.

23.go to a ton of concerts.

24.donate my hair to Locks of Love multiple times.

25.get a breast cancer awareness license plate.

26.go to california.

27.cut down my own Christmas tree all by myself.

28.see the Grand Canyon.

29.see a president get inaugurated.

30.get a tattoo. 

I now have three! 🙂

31.kiss under the fireworks.

32.get my nose pierced.

33.own more than 500 cds.

34.own all my favorite movies.

35.go to the midnight premiere of a movie.

36.make it to the top of Mt. Katahdin.

This was a really big day for me and my dad <3

37.win free gas.

38.vote in an election.

39.make someone’s day.

40.get a new cell phone.

41.read over 1000 books.

42.go on a cruise. preferably to the Bahamas and Bermuda.

43.learn how to surf.

44.become a decent snowboarder.

45.learn how to ice skate.

46.go scuba diving.

47.own a walk-in closetful of hoodies.

48.go to georgia to see Meril.

49.get my own place.

50.see Dane Cook live.

51.french braid my own hair.

52. give a stranger $100.

53.sleep under the stars with people who mean the most to me.

54.be able to officiate a marriage ceremony.

55.donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society.

56.document a year of my life with pictures.

57.donate blood.

58.visit Forks, Washington.

59.send a message in a bottle.

60.plant a tree and carve my name in it.

61.fly first class.

62.swim with dolphins.

63.brake check someone who’s tailgating me.

64.be part of a protest.

65.pay for a stranger’s groceries.

66.watch planes take off and land all day.

67.live in Australia for a few months.

68.learn how to bartend.

69.drive a zamboni.

70.be a certified scuba diver.

71.dive and see underwater caverns.

72.own all the disney movies.

73.make Brittany Lyn Dube a godmother to one of my children.

74.try a brownie whoopie pie from that little place on rt. 2

75. make something of my photography.

76. be able to do hand stand push-ups

77. find my faith, and trust in it.

78. obtain a Master’s degree.

79. live out of the car and travel with my husband for an extended period of time.

80. be the best possible version of myself.

What are some of the things you’d like to accomplish in your life? Having a bucket list doesn’t have to be extravagant! It can be super small, and simple things too – like my trying that brownie whoopie pie!

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