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I recently posted my 2014 wedding season goals, with the promise of posting my 2014 business goals! Before I share my new business goals, I want to reflect a little bit on my 2013 goals.


  • Shoot at 15 weddings. I was really close. I had a couple of weddings fall through so I didn’t quite make it to 15, but I was close enough that I feel good about it. I made such awesome progress over this year 🙂 I’m grateful for all the weddings I was able to be a part of!
  • Get a full frame camera. 
  • Get a 50mm lens
  • Get a 105mm lens. I decided this wasn’t a good move for my business this year. Instead, I have extension tubes that I am perfectly happy with for the time being. Instead, I invested my money in an 85mm lens that was a little more affordable and still suitable for ceremonies. 
  • Raise wedding prices. 
  • Sell prints & products. PASS helped take care of this. I don’t advertise for prints and products as I am a service-based photographer, but I got everything in order should I need to place any orders 🙂
  • Require a retainer for all sessions.
  • Licenses!I am proud to say that I am 100% legit 🙂
  • Blog on a regular basis. 
  • Have business insurance. 
  • Not take out a business loan. 
  • Keep track of all income and expenses. 
  • Create my own business workflow. 
  • Maintain a balance between work and personal life. 
  • Start charging for travel for non- wedding related clients. 
  • Utilize renting services. 
  • Read 1 business book a month. Totally fell off this wagon, but I’m getting back on it!
  • Shorten my editing turnaround. HECK YES I DID!
  • Get a new flash and really understand how to use it. I still have my old flash, but I’ve taken more time to learn about how to use it effectively! 

These goals were very new for me, as it was my first year of real business. I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished this past year, and I think it is very important to set goals, even if you don’t hit all of them.


  • New camera bag. It’s time.
  • Read a business book per month.
  • Book 6 additional weddings.
  • Re-vamp my workflows
  • Watch the rest of my CreativeLive workshops
  • Not buy any gear without having a set amount of “buffer” money.
  • Set work hours on a weekly basis, instead of an all-encompassing schedule. It will vary depending on whether or not it’s the summer or the school year.
  • Get a softbox and a better light stand attachment.
  • Host a workshop
  • Rock out my 2014 wedding season goals.
  • Send my gear out to be cleaned.
  • Take more photo walks.
  • Log my work hours and what I do during those hours.
  • Turn my business into an LLC.
  • Have a house with an office space 🙂


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2014 business goals, portland maine wedding photographer, portland maine photography, goals, business goals

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