My Take On An Unplugged Wedding

I’m all for an unplugged wedding these days. But I’m pretty sure that it’s not for the reason you’re probably thinking of. Before I get too much further, if you don’t already know, an unplugged wedding means that the guests don’t take any photographs with their own devices throughout the event.

I could care less if there are other people at a wedding taking photos for their own personal use.

My photos are not any more important than the grandmother’s, or the parents who might’ve helped pay for the wedding, or the person who introduced the couple to each other. Sure, I love it when people are respectful and try to “stay out of the way” during the event, because couples generally invest a large portion of money in their photographers, and it’s a bummer when someone steps out into the aisle in front of us during the first kiss. This is because the photos are all that’s going to be left after the wedding day. So be courteous of that if you’re a guest taking photos at a wedding.

I know a lot of people advocate for unplugged weddings because it looks nicer and makes their job a little easier. While those are both very true and very valid points, that’s not the reason I love unplugged weddings.

I love unplugged weddings because it means that the guests are FULLY present. It’s so sad sometimes when I realize someone is viewing the whole day through their phone or their camera. Unplugged weddings help people totally relax and just absorb what’s happening around them. They get to see it with their own eyes and actually feel various emotions throughout the wedding day!

Being present is one of the greatest ways to celebrate a wedding. 

Like I said, I don’t think my photos are more important than Grandma’s. But I do think that my photos give everyone else the opportunity to just truly enjoy the day and be a part of the experience!


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