Making Jewelry + IKEA | First time for everything!

I have to wait an entire week to see my masterpieces. That’s how long it’ll take for them to fire the jewelry in the kiln, and then assemble our pieces. I didn’t realize we’d have to wait for them to do that with the jewelry, but I’m okay with it because beautiful things take time! 😀 I am SO excited!!

A few ladies from school and I went to the Luke Adams Glass Blowing Studio in Norwood, MA to make jewelry out of beautiful pieces of glass! It was such a fun time, and it was so cool to be able to actually cut glass and be creative with what I wanted to make for jewelry! I love dangly earrings, so I made two sets of earrings, and a ring! They’re all fun colors and sort of quirky, and I’m pumped. I think these pieces are true to my personality 🙂 They taught us how to safely cut glass, the process of getting it ready to be fired, and the different effects we can create with sizes, colors, and types of glass.

One piece of jewelry was included in our class fee, and we all ended up making more pieces because we were having so much fun and just wanted more! We decided we definitely want to do this again in the future. I also want to save up for the actual glass blowing class that’s three hours long. It’d be so cool!


We made a full day of our trip to make jewelry. Jenny and I had never been to IKEA before, so Jess and Maureen gave us our first experience since it was nearby! It was so not what I expected, haha. It’s interesting how many people will buy things just because it’s cheap and pretty! I did buy this really cool pillow for three bucks – just because it was cheap. And that chocolate cake. Oh my word. That chocolate cake tasted like heaven! So yummy! IKEA got me super pumped for when Steven and I build our tiny house someday because they had some setups in the showroom of areas with less than 300 square feet, and they looked awesome.

IKEA was also really neat in how family-oriented it was! In the cafeteria/restaurant place, there were special food carts for families, shorter tables for kids, and a tv with a movie playing for kids to watch while they eat. There was even a playground for kids to hang out in while adults shopped. Such a neat place to be in, but so overwhelming and intense. I’m sure I’ll return at some point in the future!


I’ll be sure to share some photos when we get our jewelry back! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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