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It all started when Lauren’s friend Brittany forced her to go on some random boat she had just flagged down on Pushaw Lake. Brittany really wanted to do some tubing and didn’t know these guys and made Lauren come along for safety. John made the first move when he came over to Lauren and said “will you put sunscreen on my back?” Later on that evening, John was the bartender at a place they had gone out to, and they decided to hang out that night. They never stopped hanging out after that! How they met was totally random, yet so cute and adorable! They certainly have Brittany to thank! 😉

I had a great time with Lauren, John, and their little girl Annabel!!! We fell knee deep in snow in some spots on the trail, but it was so fun walking around getting some photos! We also hit up the Penobscot Valley Country Club for some photos since that is where they are going to be getting married at the end of the summer! So stoked to see it without four feet of snow!

orono winter engagement session2015-04-05_00022015-04-05_00042015-04-05_00052015-04-05_00062015-04-05_00072015-04-05_00082015-04-05_0009sunflare, PVCC golf course, engagement photo2015-04-05_0011diamond engagement ring

I asked John how he proposed. He did it on Christmas Eve, and couldn’t stay in any room that Lauren was in that day because he was so nervous! The ring belonged to Lauren’s Grandma Ruth, who Annabel is named after, so it’s a super special ring. John came in with a little box and told Lauren that he had a gift he wanted her to open. Lauren asked if it was from him and Annabel, and he replied ” from me and Grandma Ruth.” Lauren said she knew right away!  Such a sweet Christmas together! It was the first with their baby girl, and the first step to becoming husband and wife! 2015-04-05_00132015-04-05_0014

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  1. Lauren Ashley Kimball says:

    Love this <3 Thanks so much for your thoughtful writing & taking the most beautiful and meaningful photos we have as a family!! Looking forward to August 22nd!

  2. Peggy Seymour Kimball says:

    Beautiful photos and summary of their love. Nicely written Linda!

  3. Jeanna Tuell says:

    Love every picture! You sure captured the sweetest couple and their love

  4. Pam Forbes says:

    Well Done Linda! You nailed this Love Story!

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