Get Lit! Workshop in Boston

I drove in and out of Boston for two days, and I didn’t get lost or honked at once. I’d say that’s a win!

I try to avoid driving in and out of cities, because it stresses me out. However, it can certainly be an exercise in mental growth – to see that you can do it, and it’s not as scary as you thought it would be. The same can be said for our lives. It’s so easy for us to get comfortable where we are in our lives. As photographers and business owners, it’s easy to stick with what works instead of jumping outside of our comfort zones to push ourselves even further. Attending this workshop with Gary and Jamie really pushed me outside of my comfort zone with off camera flash (it’s not as scary or intense as I thought it would be!), and I’m so grateful!

I’m beginning to gain a new appreciation for workshops from other members in the photography industry. I attended a workshop with Trevor Dayley almost two years ago now, and LOVED it. I attended a workshop a week ago for two days in Boston, all about off camera lighting, and I LOVED it. Next month I’m going to North Carolina to have a mentoring session with a woman I absolutely adore and look up to! I’m sure I’m going to LOVE it.

Going to conferences, workshops, and mentoring sessions is such an important piece of being a photography business owner. Even if it’s a topic we already feel good about, we can always learn something new to make it all worth it. Attending events like these also gets you out there and building connections with other  people in the industry which is so valuable! It’s all about building that community that builds each other up instead of tearing down. If I didn’t have the support group of these Boston photographers I don’t think I’d feel the same way about photography anymore!

I have realized recently that I need to create a budget for furthering education in my business. I do a lot of ebooks and videos, but there’s nothing like being able to work WITH someone to learn new things! It can really revolutionize your business!

The winter months around here are hard – it’s super cold, there’s storm after storm, and it’s hard to feel passionate and motivated about photography. I am so thankful for the Get Lit! Workshop that Gary Young and Jamie Ivins put on. They did a killer job and further expanded on the little bit I already knew about off camera flash and reminded me why I’m passionate about photography.

We had two killer models to practice on, both indoors and outdoors, and they were amazing! Such champs! Gary and Jamie encouraged us to be creative and to really think about the five variables of off camera flash that have an impact on a photo. I learned so much from this workshop and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is free for the June session!

The best part is I was able to practice techniques with equipment that I already have so that I could truly take what I learned and apply it. In fact, I feel so much better about off camera flash now that I pulled it out during a recent engagement session with confidence and got some really killer shots!

On day one, we worked with Jamie and Gary to start understanding how to work with the five variables they taught us about.

get lit workshop, off camera flash

Day two – applying what we learned to models outdoors!! 2015-03-22_00022015-03-22_0003

Behind the scenes! 🙂2015-03-22_00042015-03-22_00052015-03-22_00062015-03-22_0007

Thanks to Colleen MacRamos for these two photos of me! I’m clearly deep in thought about my next move, haha. 2015-03-22_0014

We moved indoors because it was rainy and cold and windy outside. We were all much happier in a controlled environment! 2015-03-22_00082015-03-22_0009tattooed couple, off camera flash, get lit workshop2015-03-22_0011

I am really stoked about these photos! We all had such different outcomes when it was our turn to shoot with the models. Not only did I learn a lot from Gary and Jamie, but I also learned a lot from the other five photographers that were there those two days!off camera flash, tattooed couple, inked couple, get lit workshop

Behind the scenes while indoors. We had SO much fun!! I promise Jamie isn’t actually smoking inside, haha. 2015-03-22_0013

iPhone photos from the two days 🙂

Overall, I walked away from this workshop feeling motivated and inspired. I learned so much from these two and I formed some relationships with the other five ladies who attended the workshop! I can’t express enough how awesome this workshop was and how it helped to get me out of the rut I was in.

Thanks Jamie and Gary! To see more about their workshop, visit!

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