Four months.

It’s been four months since we’ve moved into our new place in South Portland. It’s amazing. I didn’t realize how unhappy (for lack of a better word) I was in my old place until we moved. We had been talking about moving for a while but were putting it off because I was the stubborn one who didn’t want to move twice in the next year because we were hoping to buy a house. Also, we had a month-to-month lease at that point and I was pretty dang happy about that. When we lived in Skowhegan we lived on a month-to-month lease and I loved it, because we weren’t tied down there.

I think that’s something I’ve realized about myself. I have a hard time getting settled in one place for too long. I get antsy. I think that’s one of the reasons that I try to live a super simplified life and not own a lot of things because I have it in the back of my head that Steven and I could just pack up and move on to our next adventure at any time. Within reason, of course.

When our last place started to sprout maggots (disgusting, we are not dirty people, and we could not figure out where the hell they were coming from – our guess is the ceiling), I had enough. I wanted to cook my meals because I was hungry and too poor to eat out without having to worry about whether or not gross things would fall in our food. So, we found a new place.

It was the fastest I think I’ve ever decided to just up and move. We sucked it up and paid three months of rent in one month and it was one of the best decisions we made in my own personal opinion.

We have WINDOWS!! Our old place had four windows total. We were in the basement, so the windows were not even full sized. I have four full sized windows in my bedroom alone. Total, we have 13 windows. SO. MUCH. NATURAL. LIGHT. It’s the best thing in the whole world.

We have amazing neighbors. No yelling or screaming or smoking in front of our windows.

We have a porch.

We have more space.

A great landlord (our last one was great too, we were very fortunate!).

There’s no dampness anymore. I never knew how great it would be to not listen to a dehumidifier running nonstop.

It’s pretty fabulous to have an office now. We don’t need to have our computer in our bedroom anymore.


I feel at peace. I truly enjoy coming home to our place, and I LOVE showing it off to friends and family. It’s home. I could be very happy here until we move out of state, or buy our own home.

We also took it up a notch in the world of being an adult. We pay for our own oil now. We learned really quickly that running out of oil can be super complicated.

Steven built us a kitchen table. Still no chairs, but we are waiting for the perfect set of chairs to make their presence known to us. We are even going to build us a dresser and a desk for our bedroom, which will be SUPER exciting. I love the idea of not having to scrapbook on the floor while sitting on a pillow. I’ll be able to do it at a desk and stools that we made ourselves. I’m going to paint mine all sorts of fun colors!

Four months later, and I feel like we’ve lived here a lifetime.

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