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This past week, I had the absolute privilege of being able to attend a workshop by Trevor Dayley, called “31 Gamechangers for Your Business.” I have never heard  a truer title. When I found out that Trevor was going to be hosting a workshop near the Boston area sometime this year, I decided (and made it very clear to Steven) that I would do whatever it takes to be at that workshop. I cannot even begin to express how thankful I am for this workshop.

Not only did I learn SO much from Trevor, it also helped pull me out of this funk that I’ve been in recently.

I have NEVER been excited about using a flash – nor have I ever really used it very much. Guess which girl is now super excited to play around with a flash? This one right here.

Every time I come home from a session, I sit there and think about how I wish I varied my poses more. Guess who feels SO much better about how to “pose” my couples? This girl.

Before going to this workshop, I told Steven that I was really nervous – that I wouldn’t really fit in. Guess who felt like they were part of something bigger during this workshop? I did.

It wasn’t a workshop where you just sat and listened. We practiced, we asked questions, we talked, and we ate. We were all 100% equals and it didn’t matter who had been in business longer, who had which lenses, or any nonsense like that, that we (especially me) tend to get caught up in. It was so amazing to see someone who I truly admired be REAL – share some really personal stories, and expose himself as a real human being. Trevor really laid it all out on the table for us, and I don’t ever think he’ll fully understand the impact it had on me.

One of my favorite parts was being able to learn from Trevor while doing a couples session. It was phenomenal! Seeing these two really made me miss my husband. They were just so tender with each other and SO in love, still!

Anyway, there is just so much I want to say, but I can’t really put it into words. I think that’s a telltale sign that this workshop was just so awesome. I highly encourage anyone to take a workshop, from Trevor or from anyone that they admire and look up to. I’m pretty sure that you will walk away with so much knowledge, and think it is worth every minute away from home, and every penny invested – just like I did.

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  1. I absolutely love this Linda. Thank you so much for sharing about your experience. I am so glad you enjoyed the workshop and it was helpful. It meant a lot to me to read this. Stay in touch and be sure to enjoy the ride as you build your business and serve your clients. Much love!

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