A Day in the Life of Lily | Installment 1

I’ve got to admit, I was really excited to start this new photo project of mine, but when the day came, I felt a little unsure and awkward about it. Now, as I look through these photos, I’m so glad I didn’t let those feelings stop me from following through! I know as the years go on, we are going to treasure these photos – I know I already do!

Steven and I do monthly photos of Lily to document how she is growing, but I felt like I wanted to do more. There’s something sweet about just spending my time with her instead of always photographing her. I do love having these photos but lately I’ve just found myself savoring every moment, but also not wanting to forget these days with her.

This is where my “A Day in the Life of Lily” came from! One day a month, typically on a day Steven has off, so we can do this together, we are going to photograph an entire day with Lily. This way, we not only see how she changes physically but also developmentally! It’s going to be so fun watching her grow throughout this series! It’s also going to be cool to challenge myself with these photos to get creative and really start to work on my “documentary” aspect of my style!

On this day (we photographed on November 13th) we woke up with smiles as always. We went to Tony’s Donuts on the way to the rock gym because why not?! We climbed as usual with her watching from her carseat, and we got groceries. We struggled with nap time for what felt like the thousandth time that week and resorted to sleeping on mom (which mom totally didn’t mind). We played a lot with toys and with Daddy, and we pulled our bow over our eyes several times and cried about it. A new tooth is growing, so we opened up a teething toy for the first time. We had fun with bath time as usual and made it through two books before bedtime 🙂

Here’s a peek at the day. I don’t plan to share all the photos we have from our day, but here’s a good overview! I hope you’ll follow along as we do this each month 🙂


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