3 Ways to Have a Great First Look

I really love photographing first looks on a wedding day. There is just something so tender and sweet about them! If you don’t know what a first look is, it’s when the newlyweds see each other for the first time before the ceremony! To read about it in more detail, click HERE! Because a first look is so special and intimate, here are three ways to ensure that you have a GREAT first look!

Alamoosook Lakeside Inn Wedding Photos by Linda Barry Photography

I love how emotional Ashley gets before she taps Nikko on the shoulder!

  1. MAKE SURE IT’S PRIVATE. It is SO so important that during the first look, it is just the two of you and your photographers and videographer. The less people the better! Anyone who is documenting the first look will give you both plenty of space to ensure that you still feel like it’s a very private moment. Having any family members or friends there during that time will truly take away from this moment. The further away it is from all the hustle and bustle the better.
  2. BE REALISTIC. If your significant other doesn’t really cry, don’t expect him or her to cry during the first look. Sometimes one of you will have this grand notion of how emotional it’s going to be, and if it isn’t, it’ll take away from your experience. I promise it’s going to be a great moment, but it’s not going to be outside of how the two of you normally act when you get emotional! Sometimes there’s tears, sometimes there’s squeals, and sometimes there’s just stunned silence! It’s ALL okay! Just be yourself and it’ll be great 🙂
  3. DON’T SKIMP ON THE TIME. Wedding day timelines can sometimes get derailed due to so many variables! Most parts of the day can be arranged or cut a little shorter if needed. But one part of the day that should NOT be cut short is the first look. It is truly very important that you do not feel rushed when you’re doing a first look! That will take away from it in such a big way. Your photographer will help you stay on track, but don’t let anyone tell you this part of the day needs to be cut short due to time. It’s one of the very FEW moments you will have together, truly alone, as a couple on your wedding day. It deserves the proper amount of time to let that sink in!

Rustic Warren Conference Center Wedding Photos by Linda Barry Photography

Nonantum Resort Fall Wedding Photos by Linda Barry Photography

Coastal Maine Wedding by Linda Barry Photography

Mill 1 Purple and Gold Wedding Photos by Linda Barry Photography

York Harbor Inn Wedding Photos by Linda Barry Photography

Lucerne Inn Wedding Photos by Linda Barry Photography

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Loved this first look with Ashley + Nikko! Alamoosook Lakeside Inn Wedding Photos by Linda Barry Photography

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