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I was a bride once. I get it! Planning a wedding can be super stressful, and you want everything to be absolutely perfect! I had no idea how to plan a wedding, and no idea how I was going to get everything done in just three months. Here is what I did know – I wanted beautiful photographs that would capture every moment of my day.


My wedding photos are easily one of my most prized possessions! This photo ^^ right there, is a photo of me getting ready on my wedding day. My photographer (I’ll actually be teaming up with her this year for weddings!) did a phenomenal job during our wedding, and I often look back at them and get all emotional, haha. I made sure that on my wedding day there was enough time to get photos of each part of the day.

Portland ME Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographs are going to tell the story of your day, and even just a year later when the details are fuzzy, your photos are going to take you back and make your day come alive again. If wedding photographs are important to you, and you want gorgeous photos like you see when you’re searching for wedding ideas on Pinterest, it’s really important that you allow enough time  to do so!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re planning out your wedding day:

Where are you getting ready?

I cannot encourage you enough to get ready with your ladies (and the groom and the groomsmen) in a room that has a lot of natural light! The more windows, the better! Indoor lighting can be really icky, and natural light just adds so much to a photo! I think it highlights all the smiles, tears, nerves, and emotions that come with getting ready to say “I do!” Do you want photos of the groom and groomsmen getting ready? Are there any first looks taking place with family members here?

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Do you want a first look?

A first look is when I arrange a very private, intimate, time for the bride and groom to see each other for the first time before the wedding. The emotions are incredible, and we can get started with the bride and groom photos before the ceremony, as well as all the bridal party photos! I can say with confidence, that this does not take away from the “first look” during the ceremony. If you do not want a first lookthat is OKAY!!! This is YOUR day and it’s important that you get what you want out of it! Don’t let any photographer bully you into doing a first look for the sake of time, because being happy is what is most important on your wedding day. But really, think about it. After all, this day is about the two of you, and in just a year or two, you’re going to want to see those photos of you two more than any other photos.

How much time have you set aside for the formal photos after the ceremony?

It’s really important that you set aside an hour after the ceremony for the formal portraits of the families and bridal party. The most important part of this hour is the time we get to spend capturing the snuggles, kisses, and excitement between the two of you as a newly married couple. Again, if you want those gorgeous, intimate, love photos that you see when you’re surfing on the internet, it’s important that you set aside some time!

What is most important to you?

What are the most important things that you want to get out of your wedding day? Is it the photos? Time with your family?

I know there is a lot more to think about when it comes to planning a wedding, especially with thinking about all the things you need to do for THE day, but these are just some pointers to get you started and headed in a good direction!

For all the brides that I take care of, we set up a consultation meeting about two weeks to a month before your wedding that really gets into the details about what is important for you on your day. We set up a schedule for the day based on your needs and priorities (and make sure we know when everything is happening, and where it all goes down!), that way we get everything you want on one of the biggest days of your life! You are in good hands when you book with me 🙂

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