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Day seven – “Things you’re most afraid of.”

There are a TON of things in this world that I’m afraid of, such as:

  • riding a bike in traffic
  • having to live through the actual end of the world. or an ice age.
  • spiders falling on my face, or crawling up my leg, when trying to set them free from the evil fate that awaits them if the sister or mister gets to them first
  • never being able to Instagram again
  • coming face to face with a wolf

(via) This is what I need to focus on!

But the one thing that really terrifies me? That get my heart racing and nearly sends me into a full fledged anxiety attack?


I know a lot of people are afraid of it, but I just can’t figure it out. The idea of just not waking up one day is terrifying. How do we know we’ve died? What REALLY happens? I wish we could all just be immortal. Just thinking of ever losing my husband, my sister, my parents, ANYONE in my family or closest friends, can make me start crying. I know, it’s incredibly morbid to think about but you’d be surprised at how many morbid thoughts I have! There’s nothing in this world like losing someone you love, and you really just don’t know when that will ever be. That’s terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.

If anyone ever asks me though, my first answer is definitely going to be living through an ice age. After all, there’s no way it can be as awesome as “The Day After Tomorrow.”

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