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Sometimes I like to start my blog posts with an inspirational quote – and not because I’m not including any photos in this blog post because the mister is using the big computer :p – because I think you just can’t have enough of these!  Quotes are what make my world go ’round.

Anyway, today I’m just writing about some things in my business that I just couldn’t run my business without.

#1. Showitfast.com

I host my website through showitfast.com and I absolutely love it. The customer service is incredible, and you get to be involved in this really awesome community where everyone is so willing to help! The facebook group rocks, and I love being a part of such a supportive, caring community! Plus, it is so simple to create a website with them, it blows me away!

#2. PASS

I love PASS. Read this blog to find out why – unless you’re already using it, then you know just why it rocks my socks off!

#3. Battery grip

I. love. it. This makes shooting so much easier for me! Not only do I have the added battery life, so I can shoot longer without having to worry about changing my battery and missing something awesome, but it gives me an extra shutter button for when I turn my camera, which is SO handy. I <3 it. I can’t say that enough!

#4. My inbox

So, in an effort to keep my business organized, I have an actual – literal – “in” box. Whenever I print off receipts or invoices or anything business related, I just throw it in my inbox, and during my filing day at the end of each month, I just take out the box and get going! It’s a simple way to keep everything in one place until I’m ready to file it. I wish I came up with this on my own, but I got the idea from the wonderful Carrie Swails.

#5. Business binders

I keep two binders – one for any ebooks, research notes, or business purchases (such as organizing templates, etc), and a second for my blog calendar, finances, and business goals. These two are the heart and soul of my business. I’m pretty sure I’d be lost without them! It’s also really easy to just keep track of two binders, instead of a bunch of places with business stuff. It works super well for me, and again, I’d be utterly lost without them!

#6. Pixifi

Loooove them! If you haven’t read this blog post – you must! It explains everything there is that I love and adore about Pixifi. If it wasn’t for this studio management system, I’m pretty sure I’d be pulling my hair out trying to get contracts and invoices ready to go all the time for my clients. This changed my life! And it’s also an awesome backup for my finances.

#7. 50mm lens

This lens is amazing. I use it on my D700, and it’s one of those lenses that I’ll hardly ever take off the body unless I’m shooting a wedding ceremony. I can’t imagine not having it and it’s my go-to lens for everything, which is pretty convenient 🙂

#8. Business cards

If you don’t have business cards, stop what you’re doing right now and get them printed! You can 250 free ones from vistaprint.com. They’re a great place to start! These can do so much for your business, and you don’t ever want to get stuck in a situation where someone asks you for your information and you don’t have a card to give them. I’ve been there, done that, and I’m never going back!

#9. Support

If it wasn’t for the support I have from my husband, I wouldn’t be able to keep going. There’s really not much else I can say besides the fact that it is SO important for you to have support for your business, because more often than not, that support is what keeps you alive.

#10. Lightroom 4

I love this editing tool. I love how it helps me organize my editing workflow, and it’s just what I need in an editing program. I work incredibly hard to get my photos right straight out of the camera so that I don’t have to do any major edits to them. Without LR4, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be able to run my business. It weirds me out just trying to imagine it that way!

#11. Blogstomp

Totally changed my life with blogging. Now it takes me only SECONDS to get photos ready for facebook or my blog. I use to spend hours getting images ready for the web, and I am just amazed at how effortless it is to use and what it offers my business – hours of my life back!


What are some things in your business you can’t live without? Is there anything I should try out and add to my list?

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