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Meet Holly. Or as I like to call her, wife. She’s one of my bestest friends in the whole world! Our relationship wasn’t always as good as it is now. When we first met, we were both working at McDonalds, and she was a manager and I was part of the closing crew. We weren’t friends, for lack of a better phrase 🙂 But when I hit a rough patch in my life, she checked up on me on facebook, and the rest is history!

I can’t believe that this is the first time we ever did a photo session together! This one has some extra special meaning. Not long after we became best friends, Holly was diagnosed with Hodgekins Lymphoma. She was pretty sick, and went through a ton of other life changes at the same time. It was us against the world for the longest time. Holly went into remission after fighting one hell of a fight!  It was really rough though. Last October, she started to be sick again, and they couldn’t figure it out. In March of this year, they diagnosed her with Leukemia. We’re going to fight it again, and we’re going to win again. But this time it’s different. She has an incredible man standing by her side, Hamed, and I feel so much better about living three hours away from her this time. We’re all in a much better place. Now, we see it as a role that God has blessed her with, and we just have to trust that He has a plan for how it all unfolds. She is so positive and upbeat, like all the time. You’d never know she was sick from just seeing her and talking to her. Well, she’s not sick. She has an illness. There’s a difference. 🙂

We spent the afternoon at Old Orchard Beach, just capturing how gorgeous she is, and how amazing her spirit is! Also, Hamed was the first guy ever to be so involved – willingly- with a session. He was coming up with all kinds of poses and was jumping into the shots whenever he could. It made my job SO much easier! I hardly had to give any direction, these two were just naturals and so in love. There’s a lot of photos here, but this session has such a special place in my heart so  I may have gone a little overboard 🙂

Take a look!

It’s not quite barefoot, wear a dress on the beach weather yet. She rocked it!!I just love them 🙂1 Peter 5:10 – this has been our saving grace pretty much since we met. I. LOVE. THIS. SHIRT!yeah, that one on the bottom left? That was allll him!Ever since I accidentally used sun flare in Jen & Jeff’s engagement session, I get so excited to use it whenever I can!
Mission Remission 06.14.14. It will be done. These just make my heart so happy!!He didn’t know what it meant to dip someone. He did a pretty good job for not knowing how!Of course, we had to use lyrics from one of our favorite Backstreet Boys songs!We were just walking along the beach, and someone had already drawn God in the sand. We thought it was pretty fitting 🙂Hamed took these! Bottom left is proof that it’s not the camera that takes good photos :p But, this is us in all our glory!I love these ones. He can jump really high. I love these photos so much! Not only am I super proud of them in a technical sense, but I’m so glad we were able to finally do this!

<3 Linda

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