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As many of you know, I have been talking about making some pretty big changes for my business in 2013, a complete re-brand. See, part of this major re-brand was to take myself more seriously, and really take the leap of faith and give this business everything I have. I’ve ordered a ton of business books, I’m taking online classes to teach myself everything I can. I am pushing myself to an entirely new level. I. am. so. excited! And scared. I’m afraid I won’t have what it takes, or that I won’t know enough, and I will just fail. But I came to the realization earlier this week that I don’t care if I fail. Well, I’ll care, but at least I’ll be able to say I gave it everything I had. I have two passions: teaching and photography. These are both passions that work really well together in terms of management. I intend to take advantage of that, and succeed!

I ordered Jasmine Star’s magazine, EXPOSED and when it came in the mail, I was ecstatic and read it all in two afternoons. Reading that magazine changed my outlook on so many levels, and I am so grateful that she took the time to create something like that. One of the messages I got from it was that you make it work with what you have, the best you can. I always catch myself comparing my work to other photographers, or comparing my gear, my website, the list goes on. Reading that magazine gave me a reality check. What I have now works just fine. Sure, eventually I will have everything I want for my business, but in the meantime, I can rent equipment, I can use free platforms, I can just make what I have work, and rock at it.  Growing a business takes time, and I’m not going to have everything overnight. It doesn’t mean I can’t aspire to have it all, but I just need to not beat myself up for not having it all, right away.

This was just what I needed to read. Especially since I’ve been toying with the idea of using ProPhoto blogs instead of just this free one. After reading EXPOSED (you all should totally read it by the way, as you can apply it to more than just photography), I realized that using this is just fine for now. Yes, eventually I’ll upgrade to a new blog, but why stress over what I don’t have and how I’m going to get there, when I can just keep working with what I’ve got? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, because we all start somewhere, and I’m starting in a pretty good place. I’m half tempted to tape a sign above my computer saying “Work with what you’ve got! (Until you can get more!)” haha.

I am so excited about this fresh look on everything, and I can’t wait to make 2013 rock and see where it all takes me! I hope that you will continue to follow me as I make my journey through being a small business owner and all the changes that come with it!

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