Looking back on August, and looking ahead for September.

Even though I have not been 100% successful with my goals these past couple of months, I really like doing these blog posts. It helps me understand and realize what types of goals that I need to set. I’m constantly learning how to create goals that set me up for success, instead of failure, and I finally think I’ve worked out the magic formula for accomplishing goals! But first, a look back on August:


  • Read  “Getting Things Done” by David Allen
  • Do really awesome at the four sessions I have this month! I am SO excited to share a very special one I have planned! I really LOVED all of my sessions this month and I am SO happy with how they all turned out! 
  • Make sure Becky has everything she needs from me during our first wedding out of a six weekend stretch. We are like a well oiled machine. 
  • Start brainstorming for the Harry Potter styled session.
  • Continue working on getting my name out there, especially with the next ThinkLocal! event that I am shooting at.
  • Buy a new lens. The trick is deciding which one I want! I am the proud owner of a refurbished 85mm lens! It’s the older model of the nikon lens, but it still works like a dream! 🙂
  • LEARN so much at the Trevor Dayley Gamechangers workshop 🙂 I learned more than I know what to do with! To hear about the experience, click here!
  • Finish the reSTART workshop on creativelive.
  • Get caught up on my photo challenge – for real. Boom. I am pretty sure I got them all! I am going to go through and double check this week, but I think I’m in good shape! 


  • Be more consistent with drinking warm lemon water and tea. 
  • Exercise at least three times a week. I have been exercising, but just not as much as I’d like! 
  • Read two books for pleasure 🙂
  • Get my classroom all set up.
  • Plan out a four day mini-vacation for our two year wedding anniversary.
  • Get some lesson plans complete.
  • Shift to a school sleeping schedule.
  • Re-organize the bedroom.

All right, now it’s time for September!!


  • Read “Getting Things Done” by David Allen
  • Watch the next two videos in the reSTART workshop.
  • Start brainstorming for Harry Potter. I’m realizing, though, that I may not get to it this year, which is kind of sad, but I’m still going to work to do it in October!
  • Continue to stay caught up on my photo challenge.
  • Rock at the four weddings this month.
  • Create a 2014 wedding guide.
  • Redo my website.
  • Have my contracts reviewed by a lawyer.


  • Finish reading the Chamber of Secrets.
  • Finish Master Your Metabolism.
  • Exercise more often.
  • Do our photos 🙂
  • Create our wedding canvases.
  • Make at least three things from our 101 Things You Stop Buying and Start Making cookbook!

I’m excited for this month! And, well, for the rest of this year!


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