Daring Greatly | Weekly Wrap-up

It’s time for another weekly wrap-up & two inspirational quotes! 🙂 This week has a lot, because I came across some really neat things on the internet!

#1. Two are my friends are currently hiking the Appalachian Trail. I am SO stoked for them to be doing this because I used to work with Matt, 40 hours every weekend, and we often talked about this dream of his to hike the whole AT. They created a group on FB and a youtube channel, so we get to see videos and pictures as they stop in towns every few days or so. It’s so cool. Check out this HILARIOUS short video of Matt demonstrating tips on how to hike.

#2. Here is a great resource for wedding photographers about e-mail templates that you can use to send to your couples at different times throughout your relationship with them! I think I’m going to use a few for myself because they’re that great!

#3. “I spent $1.50 a day on food. Here’s how I did it. ”

#4. Oh Jasmine Star. You speak right to my soul sometimes. I LOVED this blog post about giving yourself the permission instead of seeking it from others. To follow that passion you have inside. This is totally what I needed to hear recently and it’s so motivating.

#5. You all know that I am all about living a simple life, and having less things. I stumbled across these two articles about reducing your wardrobe, and having a capsule closet. It was a really neat concept and something that I just might try out! Each time I get rid of more clothes I feel so liberated, haha. It really does make my choices a lot easier and my life more simple! Less clothes to put away and less to wash! 🙂

#6. I watched this amazing video with Chase Jarvis and Brene Brown. It’s an hour and a half, and I spread it out over a few days when I had the time to watch it, but it was SO worth it. We often think that being vulnerable is a weakness and can hurt us in the long run, but really, being vulnerable allows us to be creative and helps us grow so much. Seriously, watch this video. Make the time. I promise you won’t regret it. I connected to this on so many levels, as a teacher, as a creative, and as a business owner. It’s also full of little gems like “If you bless my heart, I’ll kick your ass.” Another thing that I took from this, is the quote from Theodore Roosevelt listed below. It’s amazing. We often spend so much time taking criticism from people whose opinions don’t really matter to us, and are often from people who aren’t out there doing the hard work to make their dreams come true. I just don’t have the words to do this video justice!



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