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So, as I mentioned on my facebook, I am doing a 52 week photo challenge! I did a 52 week self-portrait photo project during 2012, and a 365 project during 2010-2011, so I’m very excited to be doing a themed challenge 🙂 I combined my favorites from La Brisa Photography’s two 52 weeks of awesomeness photo projects to create my 52 weeks of fun! You are all welcome to join me and have some fun with it! You can post them on my facebook, or here on my blog! Here are the weekly themes:

#1. introduce yourself

#2. asymmetrical

#3. joy

#4. architecture

#5. silhouette

#6. family

#7. motion

#8. numbers

#9. dreams

#10. love

#11. music

#12. faith

#13. show us your home

#14. sports

#15. guilty pleasure

#16. one object from 5 different angles/distances

#17. one for the road (signs, streets, traffic, etc.)

#18. objects that tell something about you

#19. things that make your life easier

#20. household items

#21. flashed (an image created using artificial light)

#22. sun

#23. lines

#24. what you do outside of photography

#25. emotional attachment

#26. things I couldn’t live without

#27. jewelry

#28. purposely out of focus (oof)

#29. A week in our lives

#30. water

#31. sleep

#32. circle

#33. your car

#34. self portrait

#35. SOOC (straight out of camera)

#36. feeling of warmth

#37. your name

#38. free for all

#39. what do you do for fun?

#40. green

#41. style

#42. fragile

#43. junk

#44. red

#45. uncomfortable

#46. your fave color

#47. food

#48. weather

#49 fire

#50. habits

#51. textures

#52. hands

I hope you will all follow along and join in! You don’t have to be a photographer to participate! 🙂

~Linda 🙂


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  1. I am actually excited about this. I’m glad you posted this, 2012 (as mentioned in my post) was not my best year. So in hopes that this year is! I will do this challenge, and I will post them on my WordPress account. Feel free to follow me.

    – Please read my post and comment on what you think…

    Thank you!

    • I will check it out for sure! 🙂

      • These are the themes I decided to do; I created them. 🙂

        1) Self Portrait.
        2) Love.
        3) Happiness.
        4) Pet/Favorite Animal.
        5) Jewelry.
        6) Blue.
        7) Personal Goal.
        8) Favorite Local Place.
        9) Fear.
        10) Sadness.
        11) Hobby.
        12) Passion.
        13) Curiosity.
        14) Guilty Pleasure.
        15) Secret.
        16) Hero.
        17) Life.
        18) Plant.
        19) Favorite Food.
        20) Hope.
        21) For a Cause.
        22) Fond Memory.
        23) Cold.
        24) Friends.
        25) Death.
        26) Inspire.
        27) Favorite Drink.
        28) Accomplishment.
        29) Accomplishment.
        30) Element.
        31) No longer Here.
        32) Peace of Mind.
        33) Green (Earth).
        34) Culture (Your Own).
        35) Belonging.
        36) Awkward.
        37) Smile.
        38) Miracle.
        39) Unity.
        40) Illusion.
        41) Magical.
        42) Strength.
        43) Health.
        44) Mystery.
        45) Fashion.
        46) Beauty.
        47) Ugly.
        48) Body Part.
        49) Describes You.
        50) Party.
        51) Sharing.
        52) Self Portrait #2.

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