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James’ third month!

I’m sure I’m going to say this every time, but I can’t even believe he’s already three months old. He’s the sweetest, happiest, most mellow baby so far and I’m obsessed with him. Here’s an update on what’s happened this past month!

  • His fave book: “Look Book!”
  • His fave song: itsy bitsy spider
  • Current nicknames: Jamie James; buddy boo boo bear
  • I miss the days when Lily used to be afraid to touch him, haha. She loves him so aggressively these days, and he always smiles when she does so when I tell her to be more gentle she says “BUT HE LIKES IT WHEN I DO THIS! HE LOVES ME!” If only he’d cry… hahaha.
  • He’s still not taking a bottle. I swear this is going to be the death of me. But I’m determined. I guess something had to be a struggle!
  • He’s been sleeping through the night for a while, and I just started sleeping through the night a couple of weeks ago, thank God!!
  • James is super strong and killing it at tummy time. I love seeing how alert and curious he is!
  • We celebrated Grammy’s birthday, and Auntie Krystle’s birthday, and they were both such fun, special weekends!
  • James and Lily had their first sledding experience 🙂 It was the sweetest thing to watch Lily hold James in the sled, and then pull him around the backyard. She’s seriously the best big sister. I can’t even handle it.
  • Lily is constantly giving James hugs and kisses, holding him and then saying “mommy take our picture!” I hope she never stops asking! 🙂
  • Lily also says things like “isn’t James just the sweetest thing ever?! I love him forever! I never want to leave him!”
  • We are definitely in a pretty good rhythm now, the three of us. Some days it’s still a struggle, but I’m feeling okay about what we’ve got going on these days.
  • I’m getting better at this whole “leaving the house on time with two kids” thing.
  • James is on the verge of rolling from his back to his belly. He gets so close! I also think he’s going to start actually laughing soon too!
  • He talks very regularly now and I love it.
  • He’s very drooly these days. No idea if it’s teeth or what, but gosh can he drool! Lily was never like that. It’s so fun seeing all the ways they’re similar and different!
  • James has really started loving his play mat!
  • We tried the bumbo seat for the first time, and I can barely squeeze his chunky thighs into it. I can’t get enough!

Here are some of my faves from month three!

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  1. Ann Campbell says:

    Great pictures. Happy memories. Happy Theresa and Krystle came I know they always enjoy seeing you and the children. Wish I lived closer Would love to help. I will never have grandchildren. Glad things are going well except for the bottle feeding. It will happen. Don’t stress When do you go back to work? Love Hugs and kisses to you and Lily and James.

  2. Linda dumont says:

    So beautiful

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