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James’ Fourth Month

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I have TWO children! This adjustment has been a massive one, because it wasn’t just the adjustment of one to two, but from married to single as well. It’s been a ride, but this past month, I felt a shift. We have our routines, I have a better feel for how I need to support both of my children individually, and now I’m kind of starting to enjoy it!

Also, didn’t I JUST write about his third month, like, yesterday?!

I’m still obsessed with seeing Lily and James together. She is SO sweet with him and loves him so much. She’ll do so many adorable and sweet things with him totally unprompted and it breaks my heart in the most wonderful way! I am SO excited to see their relationship continue to grow!

Okay, here’s what I want to remember about James’ fourth month!

  • He LOVES the “bee-a-bay” song. I don’t know the actual title, but he lights up every time we sing it!
  • At his 4 month well child visit he weighed in at 16 pounds even! He’s a big boy, and thriving!
  • James had his first giggles on the actual day he turned four months old! My heart was seriously in a puddle, and you bet there were tears in my eyes. All of these last “firsts” are so bittersweet.
  • Lily is hands down, without a doubt, his favorite person.
  • He absolutely loves putting his hands in his mouth all the time, and basically anything he can get his hands on.
  • Tummy time is still going great but now he gets super angry because he’s realized he can’t go anywhere and he desperately wants to be able to move around! It’s adorable watching him try!
  • We have had a lot of high quality outside time this month! He is so much more alert now and isn’t immediately asleep in the carrier. He loves to stay awake for a bit and soak in all his surroundings before blissfully falling asleep.
  • I had two mini at home photo shoots – one to get the annual blizzard photo (one tradition I’ll never give up), and another to get photos to use for new canvases on my wall! I’m SO in love with how they all turned out!
  • I absolutely love the way he rubs his face into my shoulder or chest when he’s super tired and getting sleepy.
  • As hard as it is to have to “share” my children now, James is still at home with me 100% of the time, so when Lily is at her dad’s, it’s kind of nice to have a lot of extra snuggles with James. Again, bittersweet. It’s not a true break when she’s gone, but I get to catch my breath a little bit, so that’s helpful.
  • We are still on the bottle struggle bus.
  • When I was pregnant with James and moving back to Maine, I knew I’d need to find a traditional job, and truly thought I’d only have 6 weeks at home with him before sending both kids to daycare. We are now beyond four months and I’m still at home with him. God is so good, and keeps providing right when I’m at the end of my financial rope. I’m so so thankful for every single day I get to have with him.
  • James is the happiest and smiles SO much.
  • I think it’s safe to say he’s definitely got my eyes!
  • He’s really found his voice, and it’s adorable. He has also started to make happy noises and squeals!
  • James has figured out how to blow bubbles, and he does it all the time. Which makes him even more drooly than he already was!
  • He’s starting to get stronger with sitting on his own!

Okay, here are some of my favorite photos from James’ fourth month!!

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