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House Before/After

When I realized I was going to be moving back to South Portland, into my house, I decided I wanted to make some updates before I moved Lily and I back into it. It was all such good timing – our tenants had decided they wanted to move out and buy a house of their own, and they ended up finding a house super quick. I was hoping to be in the house by September, but was able to start working on it at the end of June!

I knew that I needed to make this space 100% true to me. To make it my sanctuary. I knew that if I just rushed and moved back in, I would regret not taking the time to make updates while the house was empty. I’m really happy with the choices I made for the house, and ended up doing some impulse buying too, haha.

What we did:

  • Painted every wall, window sill, and trim in the house, except the purple wall. I wasn’t planning on repainting the bedrooms, but I’m so glad I did! The gray is a lighter shade and it just looks so fresh!
  • New light fixtures in each room – and I ended up buying a new ceiling fan. That wasn’t part of the plan, but I’m sooo glad I did! It looks so awesome!
  • Repainted the living room and bathroom ceilings.
  • New bathroom fixtures – planning to get a new tub next year.
  • Painted the kitchen counters.
  • Added backsplash to the kitchen.
  • New floors in the kitchen and bathroom. And let me tell you – the bathroom floor was a bitch to do.
  • All new curtain rods, and blinds in the bedrooms.
  • Painted the back deck and the front steps, and about what feels like a million other little things 🙂

I learned a lot, I had a great deal of help from my sister, Jenn, and Jack, and I’m so so grateful!! I definitely could’ve done it all on my own, but I’m so glad I didn’t have to. It would’ve taken waaaayy longer!

Also, I didn’t measure a dang thing for the house and miraculously it all fit in here! I got new furniture, some new appliances, custom work for the walls, lots of new plants and it feels like the perfect space for me, Lily, and baby 🙂

I ended up replacing the kitchen faucet at the end of July, and I love the new faucet, but learned I never want to be a plumber, haha. That was quite the intense project for me to do!! I have a lot of projects left to do for the outside of the house and the basement, but for now, I’m super happy with the way things are 🙂

I think the biggest transformations were the kitchen and the bathroom, but overall, I think the whole house had quite a nice little facelift!



I realized I never took “after” photos of the deck, but that’s okay. It looks freaking awesome and I love it 🙂 You’ll just have to take my word for it!

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