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2017 Powersheets

Back in January, I did a blog post about goal setting. It was a really powerful exercise for me, and my word “fulfillment” for 2017 has very much been at the front of my mind these past six months. When I first did the exercise, I wanted to use the PowerSheets, but they were all sold out. Recently I became aware that they were back in stock and they were the six month ones. It was perfect timing because I bought it in June! Just in time for the second half of the year!Powersheets have changed my life! Click here to read more about this powerful tool for goal setting!

Having this notebook for my goals sitting right on my desk has been a game changer! I figure the best way to explain it is by telling you what I think rocks about it!

  1. It’s a refresh on your goals. Since it’s a six month goal planner, it starts with you going through the process of figuring out what worked and what didn’t work and setting your goals for the year with INTENTION. That’s the big piece. It’s all about creating intentional goals that actually matter to you! I also love that after three months there’s another section for you to go through and check in on your goals to see if any of them need to be changed! Powersheets have changed my life! Click here to read more about this powerful tool for goal setting!
  2. Monthly, daily, and weekly accountability. I love that there are actual spaces to check things off as you do them. Especially for your daily goals! A lot of my daily goals are with the intention of forming healthy habits that I really want to have. So, being able to put a little check in a box if I met that daily goal is a motivator. You can see in the photos that I’m not doing so great with tea, but that’s okay! It’s all about progress! Anyway, I love that there’s a way to record that you’ve met your goal. Powersheets have changed my life! Click here to read more about this powerful tool for goal setting!
  3. Encouragement. There’s so much encouragement throughout the planner that reminds you that no goal is too small or too big. It helps you to figure out how to break down big goals over the course of months to help make it more manageable. It also helps you show gratitude each month and to reflect!

Powersheets have changed my life! Click here to read more about this powerful tool for goal setting!

I’m really big on self reflection and to be intentional with my time. This has also helped me create goals that are truly meaningful. For example, I’m starting with yoga twice a week so that I can be realistic, and eventually I want to work up to doing yoga regularly every single day. The why behind this goal was that by doing yoga, my mind is more settled, I feel better physically, and in turn, that allows me to be a better mom, wife, friend, and business owner.

If you’re looking for a way to shake up goal setting and to make goals that you’re actually going to work toward, I highly recommend PowerSheets! I also bought the cute little sticker book, the pens, and a goal setting book for parents (haven’t gotten to that yet, but I will!).



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Powersheets have changed my life! Click here to read more about this powerful tool for goal setting!

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